Course Offerings

Core Courses:
  1. CMP00 - Orientation and Formation: Orienting new students in studying and how to be spiritually formed in a walk with Christ.
  2. CMP01 - Biblical Interpretation: How to read, interpret, and apply Scripture faithfully and accurately.
  3. CMP02 - Survey of the Old Testament: Overview of the background of the Old Testament. Learn to love Scripture even more.
  4. CMP03 - Survey of the New Testament: Overview of the New Testament. Learn to study the NT from the view of its original audience.
  5. CMP04 - Introduction to Theology: An introduction to the the subject of theology and doctrine. Understand and practice the Christian faith.
  6. CMP05 - Introduction to Church History: An overview of the heritage of the Christian Church as well as Baptists in the United States.
Elective/Ministry Courses:
  • Through Partnerships with other organizations there are a great many additional opportunities available (some fees may apply).
  • Care in Crisis: How to minister to people in times of crisis. Some refer to this subject as "pastoral care", but it is not just for pastors.
  • Family Ministry: How to better minister to family systems as a whole.
  • Youth Ministry: Essential care and ministry among youth.
  • Children's Ministry: Essential care and ministry among children.
  • Personal Evangelism: How best to engage in sharing the Gospel personally.
  • Preaching 1: Foundational course for preaching.
  • Preaching 2: Preaching seminar with class instruction, group learning, and peer reviewed sermon delivery.
  • Scripture: Gospels Bible course on the content and structure of the Gospels.
  • Scripture: Paul & Early Church Bible course on the New Testament writings of Paul, and the development of the early church.
  • Small Church Leadership: The essentials of ministry in a small church. Practical topics on administration and leadership within small churches.
  • Western Heritage Culture 1 & 2: Seminars on culture and ministry in the context of Western Heritage/Cowboy/Country churches.
  • Worship 1 & 2: Theological preparation for worship planning and leading and practical considerations for leading worship.
Elective Replacement:

Certain electives may be replaced by participating in other approved seminars and learning opportunities. These decisions are generally made on a case by case basis, and a small reflection and learning project is required along with a $100 replacement fee.

These courses may also be taken through our Partnering Organizations.

If within the last 3 years you have taken classes (undergraduate or other) that you feel have adequately addressed subjects that are part of the Core Courses, and would like to petition to substitute those classes, please contact our office.

Email us at or call us at 254-710-6351. All petitions are considered on a case by case basis, and will require additional work to demonstrate your comprehension and retention of these subjects.