Covenant Group Registration &
Incoming Students

  • Q: I am an incoming/new student. How can I get into a covenant group?
    A: Please complete the Truett Seminary Covenant Group Placement Questionnaire and register for your covenant group semester and section: COVG 7001 01 (Monday Commuter Students only) or COVG 7001 02 Thursdays at 11:00am. Attend both orientations to ensure that you are in a group and you understand the requirements.
  • Q: How will I be put in a group?
    A: Your Truett Seminary Covenant Group Placement Questionnaire is helpful as we place members in a group. We seek to help each group have some diversity balanced with having some common traits as well.
  • Q: How many credits of covenant group do I need to meet the catalog requirement?
    Four credits (semesters) are required for all degree tracks (MTS, MA, and MDiv).
  • Q: What are the requirements to receive credit?
    A: 1) Register for the correct semester of covenant group [COVG 7001 = 1st semester, COVG 7002 = 2nd semester, and so on]
    2) Attend and participate; you are allowed no more than 3 absences. [attendance will be logged by a mentor or designated attendance taker online - see below]. Writing papers and studying are not valid reasons to miss your covenant group.
    3) Respectfully reflect upon your semester in the final reflection and successfully submit a final assignment according to the syllabus.
  • Q: What if I don't fulfill the requirements of covenant group?
    A: You will need to register for that semester again and take it over. You will need to speak with the Spiritual Formation Office about joining a new group in the appropriate semester.
  • Q: What if I forget to register for covenant group?
    A: You can still register for covenant group after the cut off day for registering for classes if you have been attending your covenant group. You may be charged a late registration fee. You will want to work with the Academic Advising Office on this. Any student who meets with a covenant group and is not registered for that semester or is registered for the wrong semester risks not getting credit for covenant group and having to take that semester over again.
  • Q: What covenant group should I register for?
    Covenant groups build on each other. You need to complete and receive credit for the previous semester before moving on to the next.
    Covenant Group Registration Options
    COVG 7001
    THURSDAY - 11:00am
    COVG 7002
    THURSDAY - 11:00am
    COVG 7003, 7004




  • Q: I am interested in finding a spiritual director. Can you help me?
    A: Yes. The Spiritual Formation Office can make some recommendations.
  • Q: I am realizing that it will be helpful for me to seek professional counseling to better equip myself. Can you help me?
    A: Yes, we can. Truett students have access to counseling services for students at no additional cost through Baylor’s Counseling Center. The list of counselors is found on Baylor’s website, or you can stop by the Spiritual Formation Office or the Student Services Office to pick up more information.
  • Q: Are there retreats that will help me in my spiritual growth?
    A: Yes, and each semester we hear of different retreats in the area. We pass this information along to students through announcements on Canvas and on Facebook. Please stop by our office and let us know that you are seeking a retreat, and we can point you in the right direction.
  • Q: What is the significance of this course for me as a minister?
    A: Students often come to seminary ready to take on the world academically, but often, we find they lack basic training in the traditional disciplines of the church. Prayer takes practice. Learning to slow down and deeply listen to the voice of God takes time. Most students are not generally comfortable talking about their faith journeys with groups of strangers. Learning to listen intently to others without seeking to inject is also a skill we all must develop. These are all disciplines that are necessary to prepare you for a lifetime of pastoral ministry.

    Spiritual formation is the “through which” we begin to make living, breathing, incarnational sense of the Church’s history, theology, and doctrines. Like mentoring, covenant groups are the intersection and integration that stresses the communal dimensions of our life together.

Spiritual Formation Concentration