Certificate of Ministry - Enrollment

We are glad you are interested in enrolling in the new Certificate of Ministry Program at Truett Seminary and Baylor University

To get started in the program you merely need to enroll in the first CMP Core course, CMP01 - Biblical Interpretation:

  1. CMP01 - Biblical Interpretation
  2. CMP02 - Survey of the Old Testament
  3. CMP03 - Servey of the New Testament
  4. CMP04 - Intro to Theology/Baptist Identity
  5. CMP05 - Intro to Church History
  6. CMP06 - Spiritual Formation/Baptist History
Take the 6 Core courses first

Each of these 6 Core courses is laid out to be 12 weeks in duration, though you may finish according to whatever timeframe you need. They are all structured to build upon each other (often referring to books and content from previous courses), so unless you are joining a church group already in process, you will need to start with CMP01 - Biblical Interpretation.

Once you have finished CMP01 you will then take CMP02, and then CMP03 and so on. After finishing those 6 courses you will take 4 additional "electives" that are specific to your concentration.

If you are joining a group in progress

If you are part of a church group and are joining in the middle of their cycle, you are welcome to join in wherever they are. Though depending on where they are in the program, you may need to purchase a previously provided book from one of these courses:

  • CMP01 - Biblical Interpretation (this book is used in CMP02 and CMP03)
    Grasping God's Word, 3rd Ed. - ISBN 0310492572
  • CMP04 - Intro to Theology (this book is a reference for all future courses)
    Essential Theological Terms - ISBN 0664228100