Student Pastor

Lakeside Baptist Church

An exciting opportunity for the right person to primarily lead student ministry in a growing church in a rapidly growing community. It requires knowledge, experience, passion and a variety of skills. More importantly, this person must love students and their families and desire for God to use him to win them to Christ and to assist in their spiritual growth through ministry and discipleship.
Job Description
* Build relationships with students for the purpose of leading them to Christ and to become fully mature disciples.
* Build relationships with parents and create partnerships with parents. Provide parenting tools, tips, conferences, and resources.
* Teach students the Word of God and how it applies to their lives.
* Motivate students to be witnesses of Christ to their peers and family members.
* Develop short-term, mid-term, and long-term vision and goals for the student ministry.
* Recruit, motivate, encourage, and equip lay leaders to do the work of student ministry. Lead by example. Provide open avenues for parental and lay leader input and involvement.
* Offer evangelism, service and mission opportunities throughout the year for students, starting in the community and reaching around the globe.
* Create weekly communication avenues with students, parents, and lay leaders.
* Develop ministry to college-age young adults.
** This is not intended to be a comprehensive job description. Exact responsibilities/duties will be determined upon hiring.
Education: Seminary Masters Level Degree (or equivalent) is preferred
Experience: 5 years in a growing church setting with a proven track record in student ministry is preferred.
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Bachelor's Degree
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