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LIDE is seeking an interim pastoral leader to start in the spring of 2021. The interim pastoral leader is a salaried position that will report directly to LIDE's Board of Directors. We anticipate that the interim pastoral leader will serve between 6-10 months in the position.
The interim pastoral leader will be a good steward of LIDE's organizational culture and core values.
S/he will support LIDE's staff, lay leaders, and community members through a period of healing and transition and help to prepare the community for new pastoral leadership. S/he will support and nurture our staff, helping them heal even as they carry out the operations of the organization. His or her responsibilities will include staff supervision and support; oversight of the operations of the faith community and cultural center; regular (approximately 2x month) preaching on Sundays; and assistance developing and implementing the search process for new pastoral leadership.
In addition, as LIDE is a diverse community of believers, any pastor would need to be able to minister with the understanding that members in our community hold differing opinions on secondary theological issues, including but not limited to human sexuality, divorce, and the role of women in leadership. Members within our body hold a range of opinions on these issues, and we do not limit participation in services, liturgies, sacraments, or leadership based on these differences of opinion.
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