Pastoral Residency at Mission Hills Church (Austin, TX)

Mission Hills Church

Mission Hills is a 5-year old, non-denominational church start-up in Austin, TX. We currently have a pastoral residency opportunity that offers broad experience in coordinating missional outreach, worship programming, and community engagement. As we grow, we'd like to launch other local parish gatherings for worship. So, if someone also had interest in church planting, this role might be of interest as well.
One of the unique things about Mission Hills is our hope is to establish a culture for mission and build community around it. To that end, we encourage a disciple-making culture based on seven faith expressions called, Rhythms. These are tangible ways to form Christ within, leverage faith for the benefit of others, and offer a Living Faith to those closest. We also like to think of worship and "Tribes" as two sides of the same coin called church. Tribes are medium-sized groups (15-30 people) meeting a couple of times each month. Tribes are a "laboratory" to experiment with faith, community and mission.
Mission Hills is looking to nurture and develop the spiritual gifts of a man or woman for the next 12-24 months as a pastoral resident. Our goal is to host, train, and invest in an individual, so that they might be equipped to raise up leaders, lead a church or ministry, and continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
We'll craft your residency around your talents and spiritual gifts while also allowing you to test out your abilities in new areas. We will train you up to be a great generalist in ministry. This could look like:
Meeting with an individual for discipleship & leadership coaching,
Programming & preaching for a multi-generational service,
Planning for a missional, multi-cultural event,
Leading an area of ministry where you shepherd & learn to speak into the life of people.
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How To Apply

Damaris Taylor
Mission Hills Church
P.O. Box 163745
Austin, TX 78716

George W. Truett Theological Seminary