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College Pastor Job Description 2021
Our Mission: Intentionally and relentlessly pursuing the presence of God, resulting in
lives transformed in this Body, in our Neighborhoods and in the Nations.
College Pastor Job Description - Oversee impactful weekly college service. - Able to teach messages that are biblically sound and challenging to address the
needs of students of diverse levels of spiritual maturity (including those who do
not yet know Christ, those who are new to Christ, and those who have more
understanding and experience in their relationship with Christ.) - Recruit, train and empower students and volunteers to effectively reach College
students through Life Groups, campus outreach and discipleship. - Be actively involved in personal discipleship and oversee the discipleship
structure of the college ministry. - Plan, promote and oversee Spring Break outreach. - Plan, promote and oversee one International College Mission Trip each year. - Plan an effective transitional strategy to assist individuals entering and exiting the
College phase of life. - Be actively involved on Baylor Campus and develop strategy for maintaining a
presence on MCC Campus. - Participate in other ministries, such as worship services, special events, etc., as
requested/assigned. - Develop plan for connecting with College Students on Sunday mornings. - Develop budget for college ministry. - Develop and implement a plan for college ministry during the summer. - Continue to grow and be a learner through training, books and conferences. - Faithfully tithe and support Acts Church and its ministries. - Attend worship services and staff meetings on a weekly basis.
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