Family Ministries


This Graduate Certificate is designed for students who are interested in bridging their theological and biblical studies with a study in practical theology. Particular emphasis is placed on children, youth, young adult and college, and families. To understand the development of the adolescent (typically those between the ages of twelve to mid-twenties) and how to translate the Gospel and Christian Discipleship into their sub-culture is key for students within this concentration.

MDiv Core Curriculum 72
Family Ministry Graduate Certificate 12
Family Ministries Requirements (all students in the concentration) 6
CRED 7330 Introduction to Family Ministry 3
CRED 7355 Human Development and Family Science 3
Students select two courses from the following: 6
PRTH 7313 Formation and Discipleship of Children
CFS 5355 (CRED 7357) Child Development
PRTH 7352 Discipleship and Evangelism of Youth
CFS 5363 (CRED 7360) Adolescent Development
PRTH 7354 Seminar in College Ministry
PRTH 7314 Leading Small Groups and Retreats
PRTH 7311 Spiritual Formation through the Life Span
CFS 5354 Family Life Education
CRED 7367 Family Transitions, Stress & Resilience
CRED 7380 Planning and Administration
PRTH 7V51 Special Topics in Family Ministries
CFS 5367 (CRED 7367) Parenting
Elective 3
Total Hours 87

George W. Truett Theological Seminary