Personal Counseling

For personal counseling needs, the seminary refers students to the following options:

Baylor Counseling Center

As of June 1, 2017, Truett Seminary students have fee-free access to the Baylor Counseling Center directly across from the seminary in the Dutton Parking Garage.

Please note that students are free to see whatever private counselor they wish to see. Charges and payments will be between the student and the counselor.

Truett Pastoral Care and Prayer Support

The staff of Truett’s Spiritual Formation Office is available for pastoral care and prayer support. Pastoral care involves listening, guidance, the offering of wisdom, and the ministry of prayer. Pastoral counseling first tends to spiritual matters and concerns of the soul but may also help the person seeking support to widen their circle of care to include those with other expertise, such as those trained as professional counselors. If you would like to receive pastoral care, contact Ben Simpson at or call 254-710-6280.

George W. Truett Theological Seminary