Name Date Title Audio Video
Aker, Lawrence, III 11/14/11 "The Marathon of Ministry" PLAY PLAY
Aker, Lawrence, III 11/14/11 "He's Able" PLAY PLAY
Allison, Dale 3/18/08 "The Historical Jesus and the Theological Jesus" PLAY N/A
Aleshire, Daniel 2/10/15 "What Was and Never Was, What Will Be and Never Be: Getting Educated to Minister" PLAY PLAY
Arterbury, Andrew 4/03/12 "Furious Squalls and Sleepy Nights" PLAY PLAY
Arterbury, Andrew 2/16/10 "The Roundabout Way of the Wilderness" PLAY PLAY
Atchison, Delvin 1/27/15 "A Plea for the Prophetic" PLAY PLAY
Atchison, Delvin 4/27/10 "Dreaming in League With God" PLAY PLAY
Atchison, Delvin 4/8/08 "Necessary Roughness" PLAY PLAY
Augsburger, David 4/21/09 "Admirer or Follower?: Radical Spirituality and This Problem Called Jesus" PLAY PLAY
Austin, Terry 8/30/11 "Turing a Calling Into a Career" PLAY PLAY
Bailey, Arba 4/10/12 "On the Road" PLAY PLAY
Bailey, Sheila 4/13/10 "Living Abundantly with Leftovers" PLAY PLAY
Barrett, Joshua 4/29/14 "A Reminder" PLAY PLAY
Batson, Howard 5/16/08 "The Most Important Thing They Forgot to Teach You" PLAY N/A
Bauckham, Richard 3/3/11 "The Gospels as Micro-History and Perspectival History" PLAY PLAY
Bauckham, Richard 3/2/11 "The Gospels as History 'From Below'" PLAY PLAY
Bauckham, Richard 3/1/11 "The Gospels as Historical Biography" PLAY PLAY
Bellinger, Bill 2/5/13 "A Portrait of Faith" PLAY PLAY
Bender, Kimlyn 4/24/12 "Barth and Baptists'" PLAY PLAY
Berger, Peter Ludwig 4/2/13 "Theology and Sociology" PLAY PLAY
Birdwhistell, Mary Alice 11/8/11 "Holy Curiosity" PLAY PLAY
Birdwhistell, Mary Alice 4/30/13 "Small Ministry in a Great Kingdom" PLAY PLAY
Blackaby & Lotz 1/27/09 Henry Blackaby & Anne Graham-Lotz PLAY PLAY
Boyd, Greg 9/23/08 "Kingdom Citizens in a New Empire" PLAY PLAY
Brewer, Brian 1/25/11 "Shall We Pray?" PLAY PLAY
Brewer, Brian 11/18/08 "Wade in the Water" PLAY PLAY
Brewer, Brian 4/10/13 "Was Zwingli a Closet Anabaptist?" PLAY PLAY
Camp, Daniel 4/30/14 "Bad Timing" PLAY PLAY
Carlisle, Jerry 9/6/11 "When Towers Fall" PLAY PLAY
Carney, Josh 10/16/12 "Preaching Jesus" PLAY PLAY
Carroll, Danny 3/23/10 "A Different Lens for the Immigration Debate: Can the Bible Help Us?" PLAY PLAY
Carter, Bryan 10/5/10 "A Prescription for Peace" PLAY PLAY
Carter, Bryan 10/5/10 "Under the Communion Table" PLAY PLAY
Castello, Amy 4/19/11 "Oh, to be Fools..." PLAY PLAY
Chela, Mulenga 1/29/13 "Personal Testimony" PLAY PLAY
Christopher, Phil 3/29/11 "Suffering in Silence" PLAY PLAY
Conaway, Erin 4/22/14 "Olley, Olley, Oxen Free" PLAY PLAY
Cook, Matt 2/3/15 "The Ketchup Test" PLAY PLAY
Cook, Ron 3/30/10 "The Good Yield of Some Suffering" PLAY PLAY
Cook, Ron 3/31/09 "Baptists: The First Advocates for Religious Liberty-- Are We Still?" PLAY PLAY
Cooper, Dorisanne 3/27/12 "Not What I Had Planned" PLAY PLAY
Coston, Jim 4/20/10 "The Cost of Discipleship" PLAY PLAY
Creech, Robert 2/21/12 "Feed My Dogs" PLAY PLAY
Creech, Robert 10/26/10 "The Church of the Future" PLAY PLAY
Creech, Robert 2/12/13 "A Pastor's Heart" PLAY PLAY
Creech, Robert 1/19/10 "The Place Where Compassion Grows" PLAY PLAY
Creech, Robert 2/17/15 "Vocational Maturity: Growing Into a Call" PLAY PLAY
Curtis, William 10/27/09 "Learning to Appreciate Life's Discordant Notes" PLAY PLAY
Curtis, William 10/26/09 "A Faith That Thinks" PLAY PLAY
Davis, Darin 3/3/15 "Lord, Are You Looking at Me?" PLAY PLAY
Davis, Ellen 4/8/14 "Abraham and the Origin of Intercessory Prayer" PLAY PLAY
Dean, Kenda Creasy 2/22/11 "Almost Christian" PLAY PLAY
DelBeccaro, Sean 4/28/15 "Where Do We Go From Here?" PLAY PLAY
Dobson, Clint 4/29/08 Outstanding Student Preacher - Spring 2008 PLAY PLAY
Dodson, Chris 4/11/12 "Silence the Flute" PLAY PLAY
Durso, Keith 1/12/10 "George W. Truett: Making a Life vs. Making a Living" PLAY PLAY
Durso, Pam 3/2/10 "She is There" PLAY PLAY
Esparza, Chansin 12/3/13 "Spiritual Intuition" PLAY PLAY
Everett, Randel 5/15/09 "Apostolic Leaders for Chaordic Times" PLAY PLAY
Fischer, Austin 11/29/11 "Quotidian" PLAY PLAY
Fischer, Austin 11/16/10 "Who's Missing?" PLAY PLAY
Floyd, Nancy 11/27/12 "Spiritual Formation and Worship" PLAY PLAY
Fritscher, Mike 10/4/11 "Essentials of Our Call" PLAY PLAY
Garland, David 8/21/12 "God's Last and Only Hope! Really?" PLAY PLAY
Garland, David 8/23/11 "Living Life Under the Sun or Under God" PLAY PLAY
Garland, David 1/27/09 "Soul Competency" PLAY PLAY
Garland, David 8/26/08 "You Do Not Know What Manner of Spirit You Are" PLAY PLAY
Garrett, Bob 9/15/09 "The New Global Mission: The Gospel from Everywhere to Everyone" PLAY PLAY
Glenn, Mike 2/19/13 "If You're Scared, Go Home" PLAY PLAY
Gloer, Hulitt 10/20/09 "Today!" PLAY PLAY
Gloer, Hulitt 2/19/08 "Reconciled!" PLAY PLAY
Gloer, Hulitt 1/22/13 "Otherwise" PLAY PLAY
Gordon, Christopher 4/26/11 "Access Granted" PLAY PLAY
Graham, Steve 10/07/08 "We're Into the Good Stuff Now!" PLAY PLAY
Grasham-Reeves, Elizabeth 4/28/09 "Favorable Testimony" PLAY PLAY
Gregory, Joel 9/27/11 "It's Good to Get Out Alive" PLAY PLAY
Gregory, Joel 10/12/10 "Gazing at the Glory: Closer to the Center" PLAY PLAY
Gregory, Joel 3/26/13 "Temporary Tents and Eternal Buildings" PLAY PLAY
Gregory, Joel 11/03/09 "Unexpected Doorways" PLAY PLAY
Gregory, Joel 10/21/08 "The Priesthood of All Believers" PLAY PLAY
Gregory, Joel 11/4/12 "The Contagious Jesus" PLAY PLAY
Guthrie, Don 10/8/13 "He Gave Some as Pastors" PLAY PLAY
Hale, Cynthia 11/2/10 "Madness of Ministry" PLAY PLAY
Hanzelka, Matthew 5/1/13 "Ultimate Reality" PLAY PLAY
Hardage, David 11/1/11 "Between the Lines" PLAY PLAY
Hardage, David 10/2/12 "Firm Foundation" PLAY PLAY
Hardage, David 10/22/13 "Texas and Texas Baptists" PLAY PLAY
Hardie, John 3/31/15 "Bonaroo or Bust? Love in a Broken World" PLAY PLAY
Henderson, Kyle 11/4/08 "Abraham Was Wrong" PLAY PLAY
Higgins, Ray 1/24/12 "Multigenerational Leadership" PLAY PLAY
Hinds, Lillian 9/14/10 "Why Do You Sit Alone?" PLAY PLAY
Hinds, Lillian 4/15/08 "Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me" PLAY PLAY
Horrell, David 11/19/09 "Paul Among the Ecologists?: Rereading Paul in a Time of Environmental Crisis" PLAY PLAY
Howell, Eric 2/9/10 "The Journey of Ascent" PLAY PLAY
Hunter, Jimmy 10/18/11 "Living in the Parentheses of God" PLAY PLAY
Hurtado, Larry 11/17/11 "The Place of Jesus in Earliest Christian Prayer" PLAY PLAY
Hutchison, Russell 3/18/09 "Being Caved in by Calamity But Free From Fear" PLAY PLAY
Jenkins, Philip 3/24/10 "Reading the Bible in the Global South" PLAY PLAY
Johnson, Jeff 11/21/13 "The Principality Principle" PLAY PLAY
Joiner, Reggie 2/14/12 "A Picture of Family" PLAY PLAY
Jones, Christopher 5/2/13 "It's Just That Simple" PLAY PLAY
Jones, Joyce 9/13/11 The Organ in Worship PLAY PLAY
Kidd, Thomas 2/29/12 "Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and the Contest for Religious Freedom in Revolutionary Virginia" PLAY PLAY
Killinger, John 1/24/08 "The Success of the Church and the Failure of Preaching" PLAY N/A
King, Roberta 3/4/08 "A Biblical Mandate for Christian Music in Worship & Witness" PLAY PLAY
Lashley, Reuben 9/28/10 "Sitting on the Outside" PLAY PLAY
Lee, Julie Merritt 1/26/10 "You Know the Way" PLAY PLAY
Lefever, Alan 3/24/09 "Baptists and the Separation of Church and State" PLAY PLAY
Lefever, Alan 1/15/08 "B.H. Carroll and George W. Truett" PLAY PLAY
Leonard, Bill 10/14/08 "Biblicists, But Not Always Biblical?: Revisiting Baptists' Hermeneutics" PLAY PLAY
Lim, Johnson 4/22/08 "Wonderful Words of Life" PLAY PLAY
Long, Tom 9/30/08 "A Case of Misjudged Appearance" PLAY PLAY
Lowrie, David 4/14/09 "His Voice" PLAY PLAY
Marsh, Charles 2/26/08 "Let Us Now Praise the Peculiar People" PLAY PLAY
Martin, Jimmy 2/07/12 "Opportunities and Obstacles for God's Global People" PLAY PLAY
McCallum, Jamie 4/12/12 "A Pleasing Aroma" PLAY PLAY
McCallum, Jamie 3/25/14 "The Users and the Used" PLAY PLAY
McClatchy, Rick 2/1/11 "The Baptist Spirit" PLAY PLAY
McEntyre, Carol 3/24/15 "While You Wait" PLAY PLAY
McKenzie, Vashti 8/28/12 "Speaking Truth to Power: Just Tell It" PLAY PLAY
McKnight, Scot 10/11/11 "American Evangelicalism and the Pastor" PLAY PLAY
McKnight, Scot 10/11/11 "Universalism and the Pastor" PLAY PLAY
McKnight, Scot 10/12/11 "The Gospel and the Pastor" PLAY PLAY
McKnight, Scot 10/13/11 "The Atonement and the Pastor" PLAY PLAY
McLain, Chris 5/1/14 "There is Grace Enough For You" PLAY PLAY
McQuiston, Mac 2/26/13 "The Role of the Pastor in the CEO's Life" PLAY PLAY
Medema, Ken 9/20/11 Fall 2011 Hearn Music Innovator Series PLAY PLAY
Miller, Sarah 11/27/12 "Spiritual Formation and Worship" PLAY PLAY
Miner, Kevin 11/27/12 "Spiritual Formation and Worship" PLAY PLAY
Mitchell, Henry 3/22/11 "Holy Spirit, Human Emotion and Black Preaching" PLAY PLAY
Mussat, Katie 5/2/14 "Be Mountains" PLAY PLAY
O'Brien, Bill 9/15/09 "How Do You Look?" PLAY PLAY
O'Brien, Bill 4/12/11 "Triple Convergence, the Great Emergence, and People of the Pilgrim-Age" PLAY PLAY
Olson, Roger 2/8/11 "The Impossible Possibility of Community" PLAY PLAY
Olson, Roger 4/6/10 "On Not Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water" PLAY PLAY
Olson, Roger 9/9/08 "Faithful Improvisation: Practicing the Bible in a Postmodern Context" PLAY PLAY
Olson, Roger 1/15/13 "Confessions of an Eclectic, Ecumenical Baptist" PLAY PLAY
Orozco, Ellis 4/1/08 "Being a Shepherd" PLAY PLAY
Overby, Jacob 4/5/11 "Theology: What's the Point?" PLAY PLAY
Patterson, A. Louis 10/23/12 "Remember the Lord's Teaching" PLAY PLAY
Paynter, Roger 2/23/10 "The Importance of Identity" PLAY PLAY
Pennington-Russell, Julie 3/05/12 "Session 1- 'Who and Whose Are You?'" PLAY PLAY
Pennington-Russell, Julie 3/05/12 "Session 2- 'Discerning the Spirit's Voice'" PLAY PLAY
Pennington-Russell, Julie 3/06/12 "A Big Enough Clause" PLAY PLAY
Peterson, Andrew 9/24/13 "Community Gathering for Worship" PLAY PLAY
Powell, Paul 11/5/13 "Learning from the Long Walk" PLAY PLAY
Pratt, Aurelia 4/13/12 "The Minister's Journey" PLAY PLAY
Price, Gary 11/30/11 "On a Glimpse of a Promise" PLAY PLAY
Price, Levi 1/13/09 "A Vision Brought to Reality" PLAY PLAY
Purves, Andrew 3/5/13 "Who Is the Incarnate Savior of the World? A Conversation with T.F. Torrance on Christology" PLAY PLAY
Reed, Angela 3/20/12 "View From the Mountain" PLAY PLAY
Reed, Angela 1/18/11 "The Applause of One" PLAY PLAY
Reid, Steve 4/24/12 "You Can't Stay Here" PLAY PLAY
Reid, Steve 8/31/10 "Don't Be Dumb!" PLAY PLAY
Reid, Steve 1/20/15 "It's NOT Your Call" PLAY PLAY
Reid, Steve 9/1/09 "Texts that Shaped Me: Two Sermons and One Message" PLAY PLAY
Renfro, Kyndall 2/15/11 "Sight for Sore Eyes" PLAY PLAY
Renfro, Kyndall 12/1/09 "Messy Times, Marvelous Calling" PLAY PLAY
Reyes, Gus 9/18/12 "Components of the Faith Walk" PLAY PLAY
Rivera, Pamela 12/1/11 "Workplace Blues" PLAY PLAY
Robinson, Haddon 9/22/09 "Surprise!!" PLAY PLAY
Roe, Kevin 12/2/08 "Lessons From a Burned-Out Super-Prophet" PLAY PLAY
Rothaus, Kyndall Rae 9/10/13 "The Blaze" PLAY PLAY
Sanders, John 3/26/08 "Impetratory Prayer and the Nature of God" PLAY PLAY
Sandlin, Taylor 4/7/09 "The Dead Ends and New Life" PLAY PLAY
Sanneh, Lamin 10/13/09 "Christianity and the Moral Empire: America's Role" PLAY PLAY
Sanneh, Lamin 10/14/09 "Evangelical Movement and the New Society" PLAY PLAY
Sanneh, Lamin 10/15/09 "Antislavery and Mission: American Prelude, 1770-1783" PLAY PLAY
Sawyer, John F. A. 11/18/09 "Hinneni ("Here I am!") in Isaiah: A Prophet's Commitment and a Divine Response" PLAY PLAY
Sharkey, Jo Ann 11/27/12 "Spiritual Formation and Worship" PLAY PLAY
Smith, Caroline 4/23/13 "What Does Love Require of Us?" PLAY PLAY
Snowden, Matt 3/15/11 "The Pulpit and the Table" PLAY PLAY
Sosa, Pablo 2/17/09 "Songs and Prayers of South America" PLAY PLAY
Sowards, Joanna 4/29/15 "Songs and Prayers of South America" PLAY PLAY
Staggs, Al 9/16/08 "Clarence Jordan" PLAY PLAY
Starr, Ken 8/27/13 "Fall Convocation" PLAY PLAY
Stewart, Gina 2/24/09 "The Road Less Traveled" PLAY PLAY
Stewart, Sarah 1/22/08 "A Life of Servant-hood" PLAY PLAY
Still, Todd 1/17/12 "On a Tear" PLAY PLAY
Still, Todd 11/30/10 "Grateful?" PLAY PLAY
Still, Todd 10/6/09 "One Tell of a Text" PLAY PLAY
Still, Todd 3/19/13 "One Love" PLAY PLAY
Still, Todd 2/24/15 "The Call of Jesus" PLAY PLAY
Still, Todd 2/3/09 "The Lord's Supper: The Church Body Remembering and Proclaiming the New Covenant" PLAY PLAY
Strawser, Koby 05/03/13 "Redefining Freedom" PLAY PLAY
Stroope, Michael 3/16/10 "The Missionary Impulse" PLAY PLAY
Swanson, Eric 2/12/08 "Externally Focused Churches" PLAY PLAY
Talbert, Charles 4/9/08 "The Bible and Ethics: Roles of Women as a Test Case" PLAY N/A
Tate, David 3/17/15 Community Ggathering for Spiritual Formation and Worship PLAY PLAY
Taylor, James 11/13/12 "Damaged But Not Worthless" PLAY PLAY
Tran, Jonathan 1/31/12 "The Audacity of Hope and the Violence of Peace: Obama, War, and Christianity" PLAY PLAY
Thiering, Joshua 4/30/15 "From the Depths to the Heights" PLAY PLAY
Tucker, Dennis 8/24/10 "A Shared Life" PLAY PLAY
Tucker, Dennis 8/25/09 "Lingering in Unexpected Places" PLAY PLAY
Tucker, Dennis 1/13/15 Spring Convocation PLAY PLAY
Tucker, Dennis 9/2/08 "But God Made Us Alive Together with Christ: Reflection on Salvation" PLAY PLAY
Walker, Brent 4/1/14 "Four Centuries of Fighting for Religious Liberty" PLAY PLAY
Warren, Jeff 10/29/13 "No News is Bad News" PLAY PLAY
Weaver, Doug 1/10/12 "Freedom To Speak What We Have Seen and Heard--And Doing It" PLAY PLAY
Weaver, Doug 3/17/09 "The Believers' Church" PLAY N/A
Weaver, Joel 4/17/12 "Even Messiahs Get the Blues" PLAY PLAY
Weaver, Joel 1/29/08 "The Role of the Spirit's Intercession for Us" PLAY PLAY
Webb, Bruce 11/11/12 "The Foundation Stone" PLAY PLAY
West, Ralph D. 10/28/08 "Wrestling With God" PLAY PLAY
Wiles, Dennis 9/29/09 "An All-Time Church" PLAY PLAY
Wiles, Dennis 9/17/13 "Rethink Missions Lecture" PLAY PLAY
Wilhite, David 10/19/10 "Your (Vision of) Community is Too Small" PLAY PLAY
Wilhite, David 3/3/09 "The Autonomy of the Local Congregation" PLAY PLAY
Wilhite, David 4/16/13 "Iconic Faith" PLAY PLAY
Wilimon, William 9/21/10 "How Do You Keep at Ministry?" PLAY PLAY
Winslow, Blakeley 12/2/11 "Ecce Ancilla Domini" PLAY PLAY
York, Terry 2/28/12 "Close the Door" PLAY PLAY
York, Terry 1/11/11 "Hymns, Hymnals, and Heritage" PLAY PLAY
York, Terry 11/10/09 "Listening to Mary" PLAY PLAY
Vang, Preben 4/21/15 "Luke: An Insightful Minister" PLAY PLAY