Substitutions & Waivers


Students may complete a "petition for course substitution" form to replace an elective for a required class on their degree plan. Generally, courses in the "core" are not substituted for electives. The exception is for students with Advanced Standing who are replacing the introduction courses with electives. If you are a Monday-only or commuter student and you need special consideration, please visit with Academic Services. If you have questions about how this will affect your degree plan, please make an appointment to visit with the Office of Academic Services, located in Truett 205.


  • Any students who takes a class or desires to take a class outside of their required degree program must submit a "petition for course substitution form."
  • Students must submit substitution requests the semester prior to when they intend to take the other course to ensure that the course will be approved.
  • Substitution forms must be submitted to Jo Ann Reinowski in the Office of Academic Services.
  • Courses are not approved for substitution until the form has been submitted and approved.
  • Final approval for all course substitution is given by the Associate Dean of Academics. When you submit your substitution request, attach a separate page with a justification to explain each request. Justification should explain:
    • Why are you requesting this substitution?
    • Why do you believe the course you want to take will benefit you in your ministry?
  • After you have submitted a substitution or a waiver to remove a course from your degree plan, you cannot take that class for credit.

Requesting courses outside of Truett Seminary:

  • Truett Seminary has a process to allow students to request courses outside of the Truett Seminary curriculum to be substituted for elective credit.
  • Add/Drop forms and substitution forms are both required to proceed with registration for outside courses.
  • Please schedule an appointment with the Office of Academic Services to complete this process.

Students are required to consult with the Director of Academic Services throughout their academic career to submit appropriate substitutions. It is recommended that you get a substitution approved before you take a course outside of your degree plan. Any course taken outside of your degree plan will fall under "Work Not Applicable" on your degree audit and potentially will not count for credit.

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