The Office of Academic Services is available to help students with any questions related to degree planning, course selection, and graduation. If you have questions concerning your academic progress, you may make an advising appointment with Jo Ann Sharkey Reinowski, Director of Academic Services. Appointments can be scheduled through Calendly at:

You may also visit our office in person to speak with a Graduate Assistant in Academic Services.

Degree Audits

All students must run a degree audit at least once/semester (especially prior to registering for classes) to follow their academic progress. A degree audit tells you:

  • Your graduate certificate/concentration and degree plan
  • What courses you have completed towards your degree requirements
  • What courses are still lacking for graduation

For more information on degree audits, please visit the Baylor Registrar's page.

How to OBTAIN a Degree Audit online:

Visit to run a degree audit.

For more information on degree audits or to access the instructional videos, visit this link.

How to READ a Degree Audit:

  • Hours Earned = completed hours on your program
  • "+" sign: demonstrates courses are completed
  • IP = RG: indicates courses for which you are currently registered
  • Needs: indicates hours you still need to graduate
  • "-" sign: indicates courses you are lacking
  • If you see any courses listed under "work not applicable," this means you are taking classes that are not a part of your degree plan! You must fill out a course substitution petition to learn if those courses may count towards your degree plan.

Advising Meetings

Every semester, the Office of Academic Services hosts three advising meetings.  Two occur in person and a meal is provided.  One is provided electronically. All students are required to attend at least one advising meal each year. Students are encouraged to attend at least one advising meal each semester.

Advising meetings offer students the opportunity to review their academic progress, view the course schedule for the upcoming semester, learn about any changes to registration in the Baylor system, and discover the academic dates and deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum revision and how does it affect me?

Truett Seminary will undergo a curriculum revision that will take effect in summer 2019.  All students who begin classes at Truett during the summer of 2019 or later will be under the new catalog requirements.  No current student will be required to update to the new degree program.  Students may stay in their current degree plan.  Each student will need to assess if it works to her/his benefit to change degree programs. 

Normally a student will fulfill the degree requirements as listed in the catalog of the year of initial, continual enrollment. The student may, however, choose the requirements as listed for any other specific academic year in which the student is enrolled.  Students who desire to change catalogs must meet with the Director of Academic Services to review the implications of the change as it relates to the student’s academic progress.  Students are responsible for submitting the appropriate paperwork for a change of catalog to the Director of Academic Services.

I want to change my concentration or graduate certificate. When should I do it and how?

If you desire to change your concentration or graduate certificate, you must do so before you reach 60 hours or your final semester. Concentrations can be changed by completing a "Concentration Declaration" form and turning it in to Academic Services.

I want to change my degree program. When should I do it and how?

If you desire to change your degree program, you must do so at least one semester prior to graduation. You can change your degree program by completing a "Degree Change" form and turning it in to Academic Services. Note that there are financial implications associated with certain degree changes.

How do I add or drop a class after the semester has started?

Students may add/drop on Bearweb until the 12th class day*. After that time, all add/drops must be processed through Academic Services 205.

Keep in mind that there may be financial consequences for adding, dropping or withdrawing from the University after the term has begun.  All students should have their schedule set before the first day of class to avoid financial penalty.

*The class days listed above are for fall & spring semesters. There is a different timeline for summer/intensive courses.

What is the difference between withdrawing and dropping a class?

A withdrawal refers to a student dropping all of their classes (even if they are only registered for one class).  Withdrawals must be processed through the Baylor Academic Success & Engagement Center.  A withdrawal occurs on or after the first day of class.  For more information or to request a withdrawal, visit the Academic Success Center here

A drop refers to dropping one or more classes - although not all classes - on Bearweb.  This may be requested on Bearweb until the 12th class day*. After that time, all add/drops must be requested and processed through Academic Services 205.  Contact Jo Ann Reinowski at for assistance. 

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Seminary Students are assigned an advisor based upon their year of entry, degree program, or concentration.  All incoming students should contact Student Services for Academic Advising.  Students who have completed at least one semester of seminary or are transfer students may seek advising through Academic Services. 

In general, faculty advise students twice a year during the Advising Meals. If you would like to visit with your faculty advisor about your academic progress, please plan on attending the Advising Meals that occur each fall and spring. 

Please note that if you need help with academic advising at a time other than the advising meals, you may make an appointment with the Academic Services Office. Jo Ann Sharkey Reinowski is available to help students who may have questions about course scheduling, degree plans, concentrations, or graduation.

Does a "W" on my transcript count against my GPA?

No, a "W" represents a dropped class. It does not count against your GPA. However, this does mean that you have a class that your scholarship money has gone towards that you did not receive credit for. You will see the result of this near the end of your time at seminary, after you have completed your 93 attempted hours (for M.Div), when your tuition is charged at a higher rate.

How do I find out when I am able to register?

Students are strongly encouraged to register on time! The further along you are in your program, the earlier you may register - take advantage of this opportunity. If you are a graduating student and you wait until the last minute to register, you may miss the opportunity to register for the classes you need and you will be required to join the waitlist. To find out when you can register, login to BearWeb > Student Academic Services > Registration > Registration Status.

What is the waitlist and why should I join it?

When a class is full, students have the opportunity to join the waitlist. The waitlist holds a place for you in a closed class. If a seat should become available, students on the waitlist are invited to register in the order that they are on the list. Being on the waitlist is not the same thing as registering for a class. If you receive an email that a space has opened up, you have 24 hours to register for the class on BearWeb.

Remember that Baylor requires all departments to use the waitlist system. Students should not email their professors to request a space in a class that is full. If you are concerned that you might not get into a class you need, join the waitlist and keep an eye on your email. If you are planning to graduate and need that class for graduation, email Jo Ann.

I’m a commuter student and I need to take classes at a specific time. How do I find out what classes are offered when?

Login to Select "Seminary" under colleges and select what day of the week you can take classes under days, such as "M" for Monday-only classes.

I tried to register for a class, but the Bearweb says I need a permit. What is this and how do I get a permit?

Certain classes require a permit. Permits are necessary to register for any course that requires pre-requisites, professor approval, out of town travel, or an application. For example, Integrative Seminar (PRTH 7391) requires a permit as students may only register for this course during their final year may register. To receive a permit, first ensure that you have met the requirements for the class. Then, you must either petition the professor or Jo Ann Reinowski.

Do I register for COVG or PRTH?

Students who begin taking classes at Truett during Fall 2019 or later should register for PRTH 7101, 7102, 7103, and 7004 to meet their Spiritual Formation requirement. Students who began at Truett prior to Fall 2019 should continue to register for COVG. Students who change to the 2019-2020 curriculum should continue to register for COVG to stay with their same Covenant Group.

Do I need to be registered for the right semester of Covenant Group/Spiritual Formation? Doesn’t attending my group each week count?

You must be registered for the correct semester of Covenant Group/Spiritual Formation every semester. Even if you are leading a group, you need to register for the semester for which you need credit.

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