Registration Due Dates:
August 1 Due date to register for fall semester
December 1 Due date to register for spring semester
May 1 Due date to register for summer term

For instructions on how to register, click here.

Truett will use a standard "due date" for registration.  This will allow our students to register on time and help our office better manage class enrollment and waitlists.  This will also allow students to settle their bills on time and lift any registration holds.  Students will be allowed to register up to the posted Baylor deadlines but we encourage all students to meet these posted due dates.  Truett will no longer process late registrations past the posted Baylor registration deadlines. 

To find your registration time and date:

  • Students' specific registration times will be available via BearWeb registration under 'registration status' or on the Office of the Registrar website
  • To find your registration dates, login to Bearweb > Student Academic Services > Registration > Registration Status
  • Students are encouraged to register at the designated time and date they are assigned. Registration times are assigned according to how many Seminary hours you have completed. Students who have completed more coursework are able to register earlier.


On occasion, classes at Baylor will fill up to capacity.  Therefore, Baylor utilizes the waitlist system.  This means that students may not petition faculty or administrators for a seat in a closed class.  The Office of Academic Services and the Academic Dean's Office monitor the waitlist for seminary classes and make adjustments as needed.  If you need to register for a class that is full, you must add yourself to the waitlist. 

If a student attempts to enroll in a closed class, the student will receive a "Closed - # Waitlist" message.  Students have the option to place themselves on the waitlist.  Instructions regarding the Waitlist can be found here.


Any course with a "V" in the title (for example, MENT 7V00, THEO 7V48, etc.) is a variable hour course. These courses default to one hour in the registration system - you must manually select the number of hours for which you intend to register. View instructions for changing variable hours here.


Holds will prevent you from registering.  If you are unable to register due to holds, you must resolve these holds with the Registrar’s Office, Academic Services Office, or the Cashier’s Office before proceeding:

Registrar's Office

Cashier's Office

Truett Academic Services Office - Suite 205


George W. Truett Theological Seminary