About the Office of Ministry Connections

The Office of Ministry Connections serves three purposes for Truett students, alumni, and the church.

  1. We exist to help Truett students process their calling and find places to serve.
  2. We exist to connect with and support Truett alumni and connect them with places to serve.
  3. We exist to support churches and other ministries by:
    • Providing supply preachers and teachers as needed.
    • Consulting with search committees.
    • Connecting churches with pastors and staff who fit their church and community culture.

Transition periods are vital seasons in the life of both churches and ministers. Times of transition hold the potential to reconcile our past, define our present identity, and embrace a hopeful future.

If you are a student, alumni, or church considering or in the midst of ministry transition, the Office of Ministry Connections is here to serve you!

Baylor University and Truett Seminary do not represent or guarantee the accuracy, or reliability of any information provided within the OMC website. We do not conduct any research regarding, endorse or recommend any positions or candidates listed on the OMC website.

Contact the Office of Ministry Connections

Phone: (254) 710-7344

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