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Feb 16
Ministers' Taxes 101 This workshop will cover topics including: defining who a "Minister for Tax Purposes" is, learning how Social Security rules apply, and determining a minister's housing allowance.
Jan 26
Understanding your Financial Personality How does your culture of origin, as well as the culture you minister in, impact your view on Finances?
Jan 28-29
2nd Annual Financial Wellness Conference (2016) Exploring Simplicity, Contentment & Abundance
Bill Wilson - Founder of the Center for Healthy Churches
Nov 12
Bi-Vocational Ministry Workshop Dr. Ira Antoine, Jr. - Coordinator of Bi-Vocational Ministry for the BGCT
Oct 1
Cultivating a Culture of Generosity in Your Church Brad Leeper - President and Principal of Generis
Apr 9
Navigating the Church Job Search Todd Rhoades - &
Mar 19
Student Loan Repayment Seminar Carol Moyer - Baylor University
Feb 19
Ministers' Taxes 101 Mike Harris of Guidestone
Jan 22-23
1st Annual Financial Wellness Conference (2015) Approaches to Financial Wellness
Heritage Financial, LLC
Sep 29
Compensation Planning: From Start to Finish (2014) Frank & Elaine Sommerville
Feb 8
Ministers' Taxes 101 This workshop will cover topics that include defining who is a "Minister for Tax Purposes," learning how Social Security rules apply to you, and understanding a minister's housing allowance.
Feb 19
Growing a Culture of Generosity In this workship, Greg Morris will be his years of management and marketing experience to teach leaders how to grow the church's generosity culture.
Mar 27
Dobbs Lecture: Christians in an Age of Wealth Dr. Craig Blomberg brings his extensive knowledge of and research on New Testament Scripture to provide biblical teaching on money and stewardship.