Scholarships for New Students

Scholarships for New Students

Truett Seminary applies over $5.5 million in scholarship and institutional support every year. This is made possible by the generosity of Baylor University as well as many other gracious donors and supporters.

Scholarship awards are limited to published attempted hours total. Scholarship awards may be extended for Baptist students and students in the joint degree programs.

Baptist Student Scholarships

Baptist students may receive the following scholarships thanks to the generosity of the Baptist General Convention of Texas:

Master of Divinity $150 per credit hour
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry $100 per credit hour
Master of Theological Studies $100 per credit hour

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Full and Partial Tuition Scholarships

Truett Seminary awards a number of scholarships to incoming students, ranging up to the full cost of tuition. All incoming students are encouraged to complete the Truett Scholarship Application in order to be considered for a full or partial tuition scholarship award.

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Partnership Scholarships

Accepted students are welcome and encouraged to utilize the Partner Scholarship resources provided in order to request additional scholarship funds from their church. These funds will be deposited directly into the student’s account to defray any remaining costs after Truett’s scholarship funds are awarded.

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Baptist Matching Scholarship

Baylor University will match on a dollar-for-dollar basis, not to exceed $1,000 in an academic year, scholarship funds given to Baptist students from a Baptist church, state Baptist convention or Baptist-affiliated program. Duly authorized Baptist church leaders must certify a statement for each check in order to request matching funds. Checks and statements must be received by the Cashier's Office in order for matching funds to be applied. Matching funds are available for fall and spring semesters for full-time students in good standing. Matching funds are not available for the summer term.

Baylor Church Matching Scholarship Application

Outside Scholarships

Please note that the majority of these scholarships are designed for continuing students to apply. Only a few are made available to new students. Please revisit this page after you’ve completed your first year of seminary. IMPORTANT! Scholarship type is denoted after the award amount for each scholarship and could affect the amount you receive.

(R) = Restricted to tuition cost ONLY (seminary awards along with any outside scholarships that are tuition-restricted cannot exceed total tuition. In the event tuition is exceeded, outside scholarships may be returned to sponsor in part or in full)
(G) = General includes tuition, fees, books, and other seminary education expenses.

CBF South Carolina Marion D. Aldridge ScholarshipDeadline: April 15thCheck with contact about specific scholarship amounts.Womans Missionary Union Scholarship ProgramDeadline: February 1st, 2022Amounts vary.Anderson Seminary Scholarship GrantDeadline: March 1st, 2022Amounts vary.Mary E. Bivins Foundation ScholarshipDeadline: February 25th, 2022 (noon)$3,500/semester (G)Choristers Guild ScholarshipsDeadline: March 1st$200-$500CM CARES Religious Scholarship ProgramDeadline: April 5th, 2022$2,500CBF Georgia ScholarshipDeadline: March 31stAmount variesCBF North Carolina ScholarshipDeadline: June 30th$1,000-$2,000 (G)Ircel Harrison Theological ScholarshipDeadline: March 15th$1,000Ruth K. Jacobs Memorial ScholarshipDeadline: February 1stUp to $1,500 (R)Francis Nathaniel & Katheryn Padgett Kennedy FoundationDeadline: New Application April 15th; Renewal February 15thAmount variesCBF Leadership Scholarship (At Large) - Submit to CBFDeadline: April 15th, 2022$4,000 + $1,000 travel stipend (G)Students who filed the School Directed Leadership Application do not need to file this application. If not selected, Truett will forward their applications for consideration of the At Large Leadership Scholarship.CBF Leadership Scholarship (School Directed) - Submit to TruettDeadline: March 1st5 scholarships of $4,000 + $1,000 travel stipend (G)Submit all forms to Truett Scholarship Services. For applicants who are not selected as recipients, Truett will forward same application to CBF for consideration for At Large Leadership Scholarship.Tom and Ethel Logue Seminary Scholarship FundDeadline: April 15th$1,000 (G)T.B. Maston ScholarshipDeadline: January 15th, 2022Amount variesMemorial Baptist Church FoundationDeadline: May 15thAmount varies (R)BGAV Ministerial Education FundsDeadline: April 1st, 2021contact darcie.trexler@bgav.orgSinging Men of South Texas Memorial ScholarshipDeadline: June 1st$1,000 (G)Truett Sports Ministry ScholarshipDeadline: April 1st/June 1st/October 15thUp to 30% tuitionIrene S. Wischer ScholarshipDeadline: January 12th, 2022Up to $11,000/year/studentCBE Alvera Mickelson Memorial ScholarshipDeadline: June 14th$6,000Strickland-Davis ScholarshipDeadline: July 19thThree scholarships of $1,000Each applicant must be a member of a BGCT church actively giving to the BGCT Cooperative Program and participate in giving to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering.

*Additional scholarship resources available for seminary students can be found in the GTU Scholarship Database.

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