Why Truett?


The diversity and size of the Truett student body allows for meaningful fellowship during covenant groups, chapel, movie nights, picnics in the park, a Christmas banquet, and intramurals among other opportunities offered to help students grow together in faith and unity. The Truett community averages 360 students, a number which allows for deep relationships to form and develop between students and faculty. We are also connected with the larger Baylor student body of 16,000+ in various capacities of ministry and involvement.

Church Life

Waco and McLennan County contain over 150 Baptist churches where students worship, serve, and lead. Congregations in the surrounding area depend on many Truett students to lead their congregations through preaching, worship, and educational ministries.


Mission opportunities abound with the help of organizations like Mission Waco along with a host of non-profit agencies designed to meet a variety of needs within central Texas. Truett students engage in opportunities to lead world- wide undergraduate mission trips, serve as Residence Hall chaplains, and disciple athletes and international students through Baylor University.


Truett rests near the banks of the Brazos River in the midst of the vibrant Baylor campus, considered one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country. Only a block away from the Big XII McLane football stadium and just a few streets down from a growing Waco downtown, Truett enjoys the rich life and community found in Waco.


Abundant scholarships ease the financial burden of tuition for Truett students and help them focus more fully on their studies and work. The University Ministerial Scholarship, Church Matching Scholarship, and Texas Baptist Scholarship, are just a few of the scholarship opportunities waiting for you. Find more options on the Scholarship page.


At Baylor’s Truett Seminary, professors serve as examples of ministry excellence. As published scholars, experienced pastors, and global leaders, our faculty lead a rigorous educational experience, challenging students to expand their knowledge and encouraging them to ponder world issues in a Christian context. Faculty invest in students’ lives outside the classroom by inspiring spiritual formation, leading global mission trips, and joining students weekly for worship. Together, they form a community of learning and spiritual growth that extends beyond graduation.


Truett is equipping graduates to pursue excellence in Christian ministry and leadership. Our students study alongside professors distinguished in their chosen fields of research and ministry. Students complete an apprenticeship with an accomplished mentor and are encouraged to cultivate lifelong learning habits and continued professional development. Truett graduates are prepared to meet cultural and global challenges with creative and effective responses as they faithfully deliver the Gospel to people around the world.

*While Truett is committed to providing a spiritually engaging and academically rigorous residential experience, the Seminary also offers online classes and an extension campus in Houston to make theological education more accessible.