Truett Seminary Celebrates Give Light Campaign Goal

In May 2014, Baylor University began fundraising toward a $1.1 billion comprehensive campaign to undergird the University’s academic strategic plan, Illuminate. Entitled “Give Light,” the campaign was designed to impact every aspect of campus life—from academics and athletics to student life and service learning—while also bolstering financial support for students, faculty, and the campus community. For its part, Truett Seminary was tasked with raising $50 million toward the $1.1 billion University goal.

This past May, as the 2020-2021 fiscal year drew to a close, Truett both met and exceeded this lofty goal, becoming the first academic unit at Baylor to do so.

Total Given graphic
Total Given: $50,774,143.56 // 43 New Endowed Scholarships // 5 New Faculty Chairs
Donor Demographics: 846 Alumni // 547 Friends // 124 Parents // 182 Churches & Organizations
Yearly Giving Totals: 2014:$1.9M // 2015:$4.1M // 2016: $5.5M // 2017: $4.4M // 2018: $4.5M // 2019: $8.5M // 2020: $8M // 2021: $13.9M
“Growing up in a Baptist pastor's home, I learned the value of genuine biblical interpretations and historic Baptist principles.  Truett Seminary teaches both with conviction and scholarship. For our family, investment in the ministry of Truett Seminary is a worthy legacy to support as it personifies Biblical ministry that makes a meaningful difference in people's lives.” 

Deborah Sherman, MD, BS ’82

“As an adult, my dad was a fascinated and dedicated student of Scripture. When he died in 2019, I wanted to give a gift to honor him. An endowed scholarship at Truett, encouraging students who would study and share Scripture with others, seemed like a perfect opportunity. [In addition,] Dr. Chris Johnson, who followed me as Pastor of First Baptist Church, San Antonio, is Baylor/Truett trained. His work has been exceptional, and we join the members of that dear fellowship in thanking Truett Seminary for its part in preparing him for the work of ministry.”  

Don Guthrie, BA ’75

“As San Antonio continues to grow, so do the many challenges facing our city. However, with these challenges also comes opportunities—hence, the perfect time for Truett Seminary to be in San Antonio. My decision to endow a scholarship at Truett Seminary was in large part based on my hope that people will be able to witness firsthand students becoming equipped to know the gospel ministry, and in the process, developing into relevant and faithful Christian ministers and leaders.” 

Manny Ruiz,  BBA ’81

“We trust Truett to be training the ministers who serve our church today and who will serve in the generations to come. By giving to Truett, we are investing in our own future and in yours. Giving to Truett is at the heart of the mission of the church—we are making disciples today and tomorrow by preparing ministers who will hear and heed God’s call.”

Steve Wells, MDiv ’97, DMin ’03, South Main Baptist Church

“I’m a Baylor grad, and supporting the University is important to me. But I feel particularly drawn to Truett because it is absolutely at the heart of what Jesus told us to do. Truett is there to teach people, not only about the Bible and church history, but they’re also there to help students learn how to pastor the flock.” 

Jan “Denny” Eakle, BS ’75, MS ’76

Even as Truett Seminary celebrates this outstanding accomplishment, the good work of providing and supporting theological education is not yet complete. Seminary students are still in need of scholarships and programs and initiatives require funding. If you are interested in partnering with and supporting Truett Seminary, please contact Director of Development Jon Sisk at

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