Light the Way

Pillars and Priorities for Baylor University's George W. Truett Theological Seminary

Light the Way

Inspired by and in light of Baylor University’s academic strategic plan — Illuminate — and its $1.1 billion comprehensive campaign — Give Light — the George W. Truett Theological Seminary regards it as timely and necessary to articulate succinctly both its foundational pillars as well as its strategic priorities, both of which are in concert with our University’s stated convictions and concerns. Below each pillar and priority you will find a link to a related stroy in this issue of The Cord.


Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary is an orthodox, evangelical school in the historic Baptist tradition embedded into a major research university. Truett Seminary exists to equip God-called people for gospel ministry in and alongside Christ’s Church by the power of the Holy Spirit and aspires to be a leader in the training of thoughtful, faithful Christian ministers for a twenty-first century Church and world. 


Location within a Christian Research University

As one of the twelve schools and colleges of Baylor University, Truett Seminary is an integral part of the world’s largest Baptist university. Teeming with scholarly activity and with opportunities to engage personally with world-renowned teachers and researchers, Baylor offers the Truett Seminary community access to innumerable academic and professional resources. Truett Seminary, in turn, which is known for its commitment to both the church and the academy, embodies Baylor’s Pro Ecclesia mission and strengthens the University’s Christian identity.

Making Spiritual Connections

Commitment to Academic Instruction and Spiritual Formation

From its founding until today, Truett Seminary conjoins rigorous academic instruction with intentional spiritual formation in order to prepare students thoroughly for their post-seminary callings. The Seminary offers a robust theological education that encourages and cultivates intellectual, spiritual, and ministerial growth, even as it equips students for the joys and challenges of a life devoted to sacrificial Christian service.

Transformative Teachers Discerning the Spirit

Vibrant Residential Community

The students, faculty, and staff of Truett Seminary experience and enjoy a close-knit residential community of learners and scholars devoted to serving the Church and the world. At Truett, women and men from a diversity of backgrounds are encouraged and supported in their varied gifts and callings in a context that enables them to forge meaningful relationships that will sustain them long after graduation.

Cultivating Community
Faithful Partnership with Churches and Organizations

Truett is of, by, and for the Church. Thus, the Seminary continually strives to be a resource and a source of encouragement for local congregations and parachurch organizations, not least those affiliated with Texas Baptists. Truett Seminary values and enjoys collaborative, supportive relationships with its alumni and friends and seeks to undergird them as they live out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.


Student Scholarships

Truett Seminary aims to provide an endowed scholarship for every degree-seeking student. Our present goal is fifty more scholarships of $50,000 or more within the next five years. The Seminary’s steadfast commitment is continually to reduce the financial responsibility for students who receive their theological education and training at Truett. 

The Gift of Scholarship
Faculty Support

At Truett, professors serve as examples of academic and ministerial excellence, investing in their students’ lives both inside and outside the classroom. It is imperative, therefore, that they are well-resourced in their pivotal roles. In the next three years, Truett Seminary will seek to establish three new endowed chairs and raise three million dollars for faculty-led programs.

Q&A with Truett Post-Docs
Innovative Learning

Truett Seminary is committed to offering a high-quality theological education to those who have been grasped by God for ministry. As a result of this commitment, it is incumbent upon us to explore opportunities to make our classes and degrees increasingly accessible. So, while maintaining and reinforcing our commitment to a residential learning model, Truett will increase its support of extension, hybrid, and distance learning.

Moving Online
Continuing Education

Truett Seminary is currently expanding its various certificate and continuing education programs. Just as Truett seeks to provide quality masters-level and doctoral-level education for ministers-in-training, the Seminary also offers instruction to churches and to Truett alumni and friends who serve them.

A Light in the Darkness