A Letter from the Dean

A Letter from the Dean

Dear Friends,

What is true of Baylor University in general is no less true of Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary in particular — what began as an inspired idea of a few became a movement involving many. Since Baylor was founded in Independence, Texas in 1845 and Truett started offering classes at the First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas in 1994, thousands upon thousands have joined heart and hand to build the university and its seminary into what they are and are becoming. This edition of The Cord highlights some of the folks and forces the gave rise to Truett in the first instance and to some of the people, programs, and projects that are empowering Truett, like its university, to be “fully susceptible to enlargement and development to meet the needs of all ages to come.”

What is true of Baylor University in general is particularly true of Baylor’s Truett Seminary — we are an instantiation of our institution’s motto Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana. Our seminary is of, by, and for the Church. Indeed, the very mission of our seminary is to equip God-called people for gospel ministry in and alongside Christ’s Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our work and witness are both within and beyond our beloved Texas even as our seminary’s vision is to become increasingly a recognized leader in preparing thoughtful, faithful ministers for a twenty-first century Church and world. Various articles herein highlight our ongoing, unfolding mission and vision even as they celebrate our identity as an orthodox, evangelical school in the historic Baptist tradition embedded into a major research university.

I hope that you will be inspired and informed by our news magazine even as I hope that you will deepen and strengthen your support of Baylor’s Truett Seminary. We warmly welcome you to visit in person both our Waco and Houston campuses. Meanwhile, please do all that you can to come alongside us and help us. Please recommend students to us; please employ our graduates in your churches and para-church organizations; and please pray for us regularly and give to us sacrificially so that we might be even stronger and shine even brighter twenty-five years from now.

Warmly and truly yours in Christ,

Todd D. Still
Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean
William M. Hinson Professor of Christian Scriptures