Meet Maxcey Blaylock

What brought you to this position at Truett Seminary? 

I’m a Baylor alumna, and after graduating from Baylor, never made it out of Central Texas. Waco has a way of sucking you in! I worked as the branding and communications coordinator for the Scott & White Healthcare Foundation in Temple right out of college and then made my way back to Baylor as a marketing communications specialist in the University’s Division of Marketing and Communications. In that role, I worked very closely with Truett, in addition to the School of Music, the Graduate School, and a few other campus partners. I think working with Truett so closely over the last three years has really helped to make this a smooth transition. 

This Media and Communications Specialist position is new for Truett. Can you describe what your job responsibilities look like?

I manage a broad range of communications for Truett—from print to digital, internal to external. I oversee our social media accounts—we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you’re not already following us—and keep our website up to date. I also do some graphic design and work with our partners in Marketing and Communications on more complex projects like high-level brochures and advertising. I’m the editor for The Cord, manage our email communications, and a few other things in between. I also oversee our Technology Support Office, so in addition to marketing and communications, if you need help with guest Wi-Fi or setting up audio equipment in the chapel, I’m your go-to.

What are your goals in this new role?

I really want to tell the story of Truett Seminary. In the last several years of working with Truett, I have come to deeply care for the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who make the Seminary what it is. We have incredible people doing amazing work for the Kingdom, and I see it as my job to share those stories with our prospective students, alumni, donors, and with our broader audiences. Whether through social media or The Cord or a number of other communications channels, I want to strategically, accurately, and enthusiastically tell the Truett story.

Since you started at Truett in October 2017, what has been your favorite part of working at the Seminary?

Definitely the people. Both those I knew from my previous role and those I hadn’t met yet have been extremely welcoming. Faculty and staff have been so encouraging and affirming, and the students are simply inspiring. When you’re in marketing and communications, I think you find the most success when you are passionate about the “product” you’re marketing, and I’ve found that at Baylor and Truett. Baylor, I knew I loved based on my undergraduate experience, but I’ve really come to appreciate and care for Truett on a whole new level after joining the community here.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you or about media and communications at Truett Seminary?

I would just like to encourage everyone in the Truett community—alumni, students, donors, faculty and staff, friends and supporters—to join us in telling the Truett story. If you see a story you like on Facebook, share it. If you know of (or are) a Truett alum doing great work that the world needs to know about, shoot me an email and tell me about it. If you finished reading your copy of The Cord, give it to a prospective student to read. I would love to see the #TruettFamily (see what I did there) coming together
to be our greatest advocates.