Celaine Hornsby

Celaine Hornsby is a freshman pre-engineering (soon to be electrical and computer engineering!) major who chose Baylor because she wanted to attend a university that would allow her to grow both academically and morally. Not only did she seek small class sizes and excellent professors, but she also hoped for a supportive environment of both professors and students, which, in her opinion, is accomplished through Baylor’s Christian mission.

She shares her experience at Teal Residential College and how it had a major impact on her freshman experience.

Headshot of Celaine HornsbyQ: Why did you choose to live at Teal?

A: I wanted to be surrounded by people who thought like me. Most of my classmates lived in Teal, so it was very convenient to help each other out with material or study for a test together.

Q: What would you say to an incoming freshman having to choose between so many great residential halls?

A: I would say that living in Teal is the best choice. The friendships, sense of community, and programs for residents are unparalleled. Teal is one of the most fun dorms at Baylor because the people who live here are the best.

Q: What were some of your favorite activities at Teal?

A: My favorite activities at Teal were the floor events put on by my Community Leaders (CL). I would always try to go to them because it helped me get to know other people on my floor, and develop great relationships with my CLs. The best floor event that we had was Bachelor Mondays; every Monday we would gather in our lounge and watch “The Bachelor” TV show together.

Q: How can students get involved in leadership or activities at Teal?

A: You can get involved in Teal by just coming out of your room. There are so many programs that Teal puts on that get the whole community out, from Fall Fest to worship night. You can also apply to be a Teal Ambassador, they give tours of Teal; or on Teal College Council, they provide items and plan programs for the residents. One of my favorite ways to get involved is by playing intramural sports for Teal.

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