Mission & Covenant




The mission of Teal Residential College is the foundation of all that we do. We strive to support this mission every day as we build community and experience life at Baylor together.



"The Gordon Teal Residential College is a Christ-centered fellowship that fosters the pursuit of wisdom, academic excellence, and meaningful relationships with students and faculty for the development of diverse, innovative leaders."







The covenant is something that all members of Teal experience within the first week of living in our community through one of our greatest traditions - Community Dinner. This dinner, which takes place twice each month, is an opportunity for us to live out the covenant below, by uniting as a community and breaking bread together.


"We, the members of the Gordon Teal Residential College, commit ourselves to the glorification of God through service to one another and the development of our God-given abilities. Recognizing that our community is a gift, we will exercise careful stewardship of our academic and spiritual resources. We will strive to exemplify the virtues of the Christian faith and the values of Baylor University. In remembrance of this covenant, we will assemble together to break bread. Esteeming others higher than ourselves, we pledge to encourage, support, and challenge those around us in order to create a loving environment for residents to call home."