Dimensions & Photos

TRC Room

Teal Residential College room dimensions:

  • Two Bedroom Apartment (three residents)
    Single Room: 10' x 12'
    Double Room: 18.5' x 12'
  • Four Bedroom Apartment (four residents)
    Single Room: 11' x 10'
  • Double Semi-Suite Room (two residents): 11' x 19.5'
  • Cove Double room (two residents): 11' x 18'

Teal Residential College residents are supplied with several pieces of furniture.

  • Every resident: Bed, 3-drawer dresser, desk, chair, split-desk pedestal, and mattress
  • DSS (double semi-suite): Open closet, laminate floors
  • Cove: Wardrobe, laminate bedroom floor
  • Apartment bedrooms: Wardrobe, carpet bedroom floor
  • Apartment living rooms: Couch, armchair, table and chairs, coffee end table


Cove Hallway


Cove (wardrobe and laminate floors)


Apartment rooms (wardrobe and carpeted floors)


Open Closet (DSS rooms)

80"w x 64"h


Wardrobe (Cove and Apartment rooms)

36"w x 72"h x 23"d

2 compartments: 16"w

Tall hang area: 56"h

Small hang area: 30"h

Adjustable shelves


Bed and mattress

85"w x 64"h x 41"d

Comes with bed rail, 64" to bottom of rails

Bed loft height can be adjusted to student's preference

3-drawer dresser (left piece of furniture)

30"w x 30"h x 24"d

3 drawers, 7" deep, mounted on casters, pull out desk top

Desk (center piece of furniture)

32"w x 30"h x 24"d

Pull out desk top

Split desk pedestal (right piece of furniture)

16"w x 30"h x 24"d

1 drawer, 6" deep drawer, 16" shelf space, pull out desk top


DSS and Apartment bathrooms

Cove bathrooms are cleaned by Housekeeping staff daily M-F

Apartments, Suite, and CL bathrooms are cleaned by occupants



*Shower curtains provided in all bathrooms*


Kitchen (Apartments)

Full refrigerator

Stove and oven