College Council

The College Council is the student leadership body for the College. Council serves as a liaison between the students and staff of Teal Residential College. Under the advisement of the Faculty Steward and Program Director, the Council seeks to foster a sense of community through intentional programming. The programs planned and implemented by the Teal College Council are the sole initiative of the students.

The 2018-19 College Council members are. . .

President: Julia Eilers

Vice President of Governance: Brian Thayil

Vice President of Programming: Alaina Johnson

Secretary/Treasurer: Lauren Rippy

General Members: Angelique Dockendorf, Bailey Stone, Chloe Ordonez, Clarke Andrews, Jodie Johnson, Katie Stiles, Olivia Faulk, and Thomas Mello.

Are you a first-year student? Would you like to join college council? Please consider applying! Applications will be available after move-in and will be advertised via email.