Student with Brian Thomas

From the Faculty Steward

I have the greatest job in the world!

During my sixteen years teaching engineering at Baylor, I have had the privilege of forming great relationships with students both inside and outside the classroom. And because I believe in the Trinitarian origins of community, I am elated to be the Faculty Steward at Teal Residential College where relationships and community are nurtured and valued. I believe we are all made to flourish in strong, healthy relationships.

Practically speaking, these relationships can be a great help to succeeding in college, and indeed, life! They can propel you, encourage you, and fuel your seriousness of purpose. In short, they make you a better person.

Students majoring in engineering, computer science, or nursing are especially encouraged to come and 'find their people' at Teal. The network of friends you will form by taking classes together, living together, and laughing together will be invaluable to you during your time at Baylor, and even beyond.

As Faculty Steward here, I endeavor to cultivate a physical and organizational space where faith and intellect reinforce each other; where we can ask the big questions, grapple with the grand challenges of the world; where we can explore our callings together; and where we learn to laugh at our own quirks and nerdiness. Consider being a part of Teal Residential College and bringing your own color to the fabric of our rich community!

Brian Thomas

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