Community Expectations

Every Teal Residential College resident is expected to:

  1. Meet all requirements necessary to remain in good academic standing within the School of Engineering and Computer Science or the Louise Herrington School of Nursing Undergraduate Program (as stated in the Baylor University Undergraduate catalog).
  2. Participate in and contribute to events planned for Teal Residential College students.
  3. Contribute to an environment where academics and spiritual growth can flourish.
  4. Treat ALL roommates and members of Teal Residential College with dignity and respect.
  5. Remain an engineering, computer science, bioinformatics, or pre-nursing major. If you switch majors, then you may be asked to leave at the end of the academic year.
  6. Accepted first-year students are required to make a two-year housing commitment to Teal Residential College.
  7. Adhere to the expectations set forth by the Teal Residential College Community Covenant, and the "General Expectations for Baylor Students" which can be found here:

    More Information about Student Policies

    Noncompliance with community standards and expectations can be grounds for removal from Teal Residential College.

Teal Residential College

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