Requirements to Apply

Teal Residential College is a desirable community for students pursing their major in the fields of engineering, computer science, or pre-nursing because it places like-minded students together to challenge and affirm what they are learning inside and outside the classroom. To be admitted to Teal Residential College, you must complete your housing application and select Teal Residential College as your first preference. You will also write 2-3 sentences that articulate how you will contribute to the overall life of the community. Please note that this is a competitive environment for top ECS and pre-nursing students. Selecting Teal as your first preference does not guarantee you a space in Teal Residential College.

Requirements upon Acceptance

All students living in Teal Residential College will pay a programming fee of $100 per semester. This fee covers the cost of programs and events focused on students in the college to enhance the living learning experience. This fee is non-refundable after the 12th class day of the semester.

Accepted first-year students are required to make a two-year housing commitment to Teal Residential College. First-year students will not be assigned a space in the Residential College until this two-year housing contract is complete.

All students living in Teal Residential College, regardless of classification, are required to have a meal plan as specified by Dining Services.