9.2 Budget/Reporting Questions


Q: I am trying to run a Detail Budget Report, but I am unable to do so. Why?

A: There are several possible reasons, but if you are just getting started with TRAX or perhaps just received access to a new department, check your Report Requests to see if you need to add a new Report Request for the department(s) you wish to view. The quickest way to determine whether or not someone needs to create a new report request for the department is to click on "Add/Update Report Request" under the "Budget" menu in TRAX. From the "Find an existing value" tab, click on "search" and see what comes up. If you don't see anything, then that is the reason you are having trouble with running a report for that department. You will need to create a new report request/request ID that contains the department(s) you wish to see in report format. For detailed instructions on how to create a Report Request, click HERE

Q: I am trying to run a report, but nothing happens. I click the Run button but I am still on the same screen. Why?

A: This is most likely a pop-up blocker issue. Check the top right hand corner of your monitor and look for a small message indicating that a pop-up was blocked. The symbols or icons will be different in each browser. In Chrome, for example, it is a small icon with a red "x" in the URL or address bar. In Mozilla Firefox, it is a small yellow box. Click on the icon and select "Always Allow" pop-ups from If you are using the Safari browser, the instructions are slightly different. You will need to click on Safari > Preferences > Security > and make sure the "Block pop-up windows" is NOT checked.