9.2 Req/PO FAQs

We are introducing several new features in the Requisition module including workflow approval routing, changes to distribution information, the ability to attach documentation electronically, and a new process for registering new suppliers. View the FAQs below for more information. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact


  • Q: I need to enter a requisition for a new vendor, but I am unable to use the 09999 vendor ID. What do I need to do?
  • A: First, please note the term "vendor" has changed to "supplier" in version 9.2. The new supplier/vendor code of 09999 is no longer available for use and has been replaced with an online process for requesting a new supplier. Users should begin the process of requesting a new supplier at the beginning of the purchase cycle, instead of the end. Click Accounts Payable > Baylor New Supplier Request in the TRAX system to complete the form. For more information or if you need step-by-step instructions, click HERE.


  • Q:Someone in my department entered a transaction that I need to approve. Where do I go to approve it?
  • A: Click on the "Worklist" link on your homepage in the Baylor Shortcuts menu. From there, you will see a list of transactions that are waiting for your approval. Click on the link to access the approval page for the transaction you wish to review. You can also click HERE to watch a short demonstration.

  • Q:I am entering a requisition and want to submit it for approval. How can I see the approval path?
  • A: It is always a good idea to check the approval path prior to submitting for approval. Simply click the "View Approvals" link at the bottom of the your screen.

  • Q:I have previewed the approval path, but it is not correct. How do I correct it?
  • A: There are several possible issues here. A user might see the wrong approver(s) listed, a departmental approver step that says "skipped", or perhaps one that says "no approvers found". If any of these scenarios occur, please send an email to Include your requisition number, the department or project ID you wish to charge, and the name(s) of the person(s) you believe should be the valid approver(s) for your requisition. We will research the issue and respond with instructions on how to proceed.

  • Q:How do I submit my requisition to my approver?
  • A: Once you have a saved requisition, you should see a green checkbox at the top of your screen. After clicking this button, your requisition will go to your departmental approver.

  • Q:My department has an internal business process that includes multiple approvals. How do we ensure all approvers have the opportunity to review the transaction?
  • A: After clicking "View Approvals" you should see small green plus sign icons in the approval path. You can insert additional approvers by clicking the icon at the appropriate point. You can insert as many approvers as needed and this can be done by the person entering the requisition, as well as the person approving the transaction.

    Q: I am going to be out of the office for an extended period of time. How can I establish a temporary approver for my transactions?

    A: Log in to the TRAX/PeopleSoft Financials system. Click on Main Menu, followed by My System Profile. In the Alternate User section, search for the person you want to set as a temporary approver using the hourglass. then set the From and To dates. Click Save at the bottom of the screen. For more detailed instructions, including screenshots see page 18 of the APPENDIX document in the TRAX training notebook.

    Q: I believe I have a Requisition to approve, but I am not finding it in my Worklist. Is there another way I can find it?

    A: Yes, try searching under Main Menu > Manager Self-Service > Procurement > Manage Approvals. On that page, search by Req number for the transaction you believe you need to approve. It should come right up if it requires your approval. If you cannot find the transaction, but believe you do need to approve it, contact the Purchasing Office.


  • Q:I am working on a requisition, but I don't see where to update the distribution information. Where can I find that?
  • A: One of the most significant differences in the 9.2 requisition is that the requisition is now three pages instead of one. This is not entirely obvious at first glance. To get to the additional pages, you must click through a series of small icons. The first icon is the red "schedule" icon at the end of the line on the first page. After clicking the "schedule" icon, you are taken to the second page. Here, confirm the details on the schedule tab, then click the "distribution" icon at the end of the line on this page. This will take you to the distribution page, where you can confirm or update the distribution information on your requisition. Click OK when finished. This will take you back to the schedule tab, where you can click the "save" button or the "return to main page" link. It is very important that you click through all three pages every time you enter a requisition. Without checking these important details, it is likely that you could enter and budget check a requisition to the wrong department.

  • Q:I am entering a requisition and it is asking me for a category code. I am not sure what to enter here. What is this?
  • A: Category codes are synched to our account codes, which represent what type of expense you wish to purchase. Think about the type of expense you have and think about which account code you wish to use. If you are purchasing something that could be classified as a supply expense (9370), then that is also the category code you would use.


  • Q:How do I submit my documentation to Purchasing?
  • A: All requisitions require documentation that justifies the purchase. Once your requisition has been saved, click the "Add Comments" link in the header of the requisition. From here you can click the "Attachments" button. You will be prompted for your Bear ID and password before you reach the NolijWeb screen. Click the "Choose File" button to select the document you wish to upload. Select your file and click the "Submit File" button.

  • Q: The attachments button is greyed out. How do I submit my documentation to Purchasing?
  • A: You must have a saved requisition in order to add documentation to Nolijweb. Make sure your requisition is saved and then proceed with adding your document(s).