Grants - FAQ's


  1. Q: What is the Grants implementation? 
  2. A: This project is the implementation of the PeopleSoft Grants module in our current PeopleSoft Financials or TRAX system. This new module will allow for much closer integration with the modules we currently use in the TRAX system. Just like the modules you currently work with (for example, vouchers or requisitions), this is a new module we will be adding to help us manage grant related activity here at Baylor. 

  3. Q: When will this new system go live?
  4. A: June 1st, 2011

  5. Q: Who will use the Grants system?  
  6. A: The Office of Sponsored Programs, Accounting, Payroll, Budget, Accounts Payable, Procurement Services, P-Card Users, and all TRAX end users who work with grants including university researchers and departmental research administrators.  

  7. Q: What does the Grants system mean to me?  
  8. A: The answer to this question is largely dependent on where you work and what your role is within your department. All TRAX users will be impacted in some way due to the introduction of a new chartfield known as Project ID. 

  9. Q: What is Project ID?
  10. A: Project ID is a new chartfield that we will be adding to our current Chart of Accounts. Just like Fund Code, Department ID, and Account, Project ID is an additional chartfield that we will use to track and monitor grant related funds. Project ID is an eight digit number and it will replace your current Grant department number. The department number for your grant related funds will also change, but will now become a financial reporting tool. . 

  11. Q: When do I need to use or enter a Project ID?   
  12. A: If you are entering a transaction or monitoring a budget that involves a grant, you will use Project ID. The differences will vary depending on what module you are using in TRAX, but it is safe to say you can ignore anything that refers to "Project" if you are using regular, departmental operating funds. For more details regarding the specifics of each module, please review the online training videos.

  13. Q: I've been told many of my grant related Department ID's will be assigned a new Project ID. When and how will this be communicated?
  14. A: This information will be communicated through the Office of Sponsored Programs. Please contact them at x3817 for more informaiton.  

  15. Q: Will the screens in TRAX change?
  16. A: Yes, you will notice subtle changes to various modules that you are used to seeing. New menu options will be added and new items may appear on various pages.

  17. Q:What types of training will be available?
  18. A: The focus of our training will be on navigating the screen changes that will take place as a result of the Grants implementation. There are two ways you can learn about these changes: online training and/or classroom training.

    Online Training is now available by module. These tutorials are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Users can view any or all of the videos based on their needs and can go back and review each video at any time, if needed.

    Classroom training will also be available for those who wish to practice in a training environment. The classroom training will cover Budgets/Reporting, Vouchers, Requisitions, and Departmental Adjustments. To sign up for training, please click here.   

  19. Q: How do I gain access to the new menu items for grants?
  20. A: The new options will be added to your menu in TRAX on or before June 1st. If you are having difficulty accessing the new menu options, please contact the TRAX hotline at x8704, option 8.

  21. Q:I do not currently monitor or manage grant funds. Do I need to attend training or watch the online training videos?
  22. A: Not necessarily. The most important thing that you should remember is to ignore any reference to Project ID if you are not monitoring or managing grant funds. It would probably be in your best interest to watch the Grants Introductory video simply to familiarize yourself with the business processes that are changing on a high level. Classroom training probably won't benefit you, as we will be practicing transaction entry using grant funds only. If you have additional questions regarding training, please contact the TRAX hotline at x8704, option 8.    

  23. Q:I do not currently have a TRAX user ID and password. How can I obtain one?
  24. A: Please click here to learn more about obtaining a TRAX account.    

  25. Q:I have a specific question that was not addressed here. Where can I go for help?
  26. A: Please contact the TRAX Hotline at x8704, option 8 or the Office of Sponsored Programs at x3817.