Key Budget Contacts



Academic Affairs Provost

Lisa Rhiney

(College of) Arts & Sciences

Julie Stahl / Gary Carter / Britt Smith


Cody Hall


Lisa Hoxworth

(School of) Business

Kent Frank

Constituent Engagement

Karen Edwards

(University) Development

Sandra Lene'

(School of) Education

Katy Wiswall

(School of) Engineering & Computer Science

Mark McCreary

Enrollment Management

Sheila Gosselin

Financial Services / Treasurer

Lanora Aucoin

Facilities, Operations & Campus Services

Jeanne Kline

Health & Human Sciences

Will Driskell

Honors College

Amanda Barton

Information Technology Services

Ralph Sherman

(School of) Law

Laura Obenoskey

(University) Libraries

Ralph Sherman

Marketing & Communications

Ashley Louge

(School of) Music

Angela Traylor

(School of) Nursing

Rebecca Robbins

(School of) Social Work

Terry Henderson

Student Life

Sandra Northern

Truett Seminary

Jan Cason

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