Baylor Bound

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The Baylor Bound program allows students from community colleges across the state of Texas to transfer with confidence and ease to Baylor University.  In order to allow for the best and most seamless transfer process, we have given you the tools to make educated decisions about how best to facilitate your transfer! 

Major Academic Planners (MAPs) are guides that give you a suggested sequence of courses for your desired major. MAPs can help you decide which classes are expected to take at Baylor so you can graduate on time. Degree requirements are subject to change, so be sure to reference the most up-to-date MAP or reference the Baylor Undergraduate Catalog for your desired degree plan.

Once you find your MAP, you will then need to determine what classes to take at your community college.  In order to best determine what classes to take, please reference the Course Equivalency Tool.  Simply find the community college on the drop down menu, now you can see the classes that will transfer to Baylor.  Simply match transferable classes to your MAP to figure out which classes to take at your community college.  Use the Baylor Undergraduate Catalog to view the requirements for each degree program.

We have professionals who can help you figure out your degree path.  Simply find your Transfer Liaison on this list, then contact them at your convenience, they want to help! Transfer Liaisons are designated staff members who can answer any questions you may have about transferring to Baylor.

Interested in transferring to Baylor?

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