Transfer Shock

Don't be taken by surprise! No matter how you did at your last college or university, you may suddenly find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your classes, social life, and just learning the ins and outs of Baylor.  This experience is referred to as "Transfer Shock" and it is completely normal.  For most transfer students, this may result in lower grades, stress, and feelings of isolation during your first semester at at Baylor.  The good news is, you can be proactive to prevent transfer shock in your life with the tips below.   

10 Ten Tips to Help With Transfer Shock
  1. Speak with Your Advisor and Register for a Balance Schedule of Classes

    Once you have paid your Enrollment Deposit, you are officially considered a Baylor Student.  You can then speak with your Academic Advisor about classes, and when it is time, you can register for the classes you need.  Be sure not to take too many classes your first semester so that you can focus on fewer classes during your first semester.
  2. Apply to Live in the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center

    The Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center is a community of new and returning transfer students who together in the University Parks Apartment Complex.  This program is specifically designed to help new transfer students connect and be successful.  Students who live in the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center tend to get a higher GPA then transfers who do not.
  3. Sign Up for Line Camp

    Space is limited, but if you can, you should sign up for a Baylor Line Camp.  This is a great opportunity to learn all about Baylor's history and traditions, learn how Baylor works, and get to know other new students.  
  4. Attend All of Transfer Welcome Week

    Transfer Welcome Week starts on the Thursday before school begins. This time is specifically designed for you to meet new friends, learn your way around campus, understand Baylor resources, meet faculty and staff, and begin your journey as a Baylor Bear!
  5. Do Career Counseling 

    There are so many things that can keep you from graduating on time, don't let changing your major be one of them.  No matter how convinced you are that you are in the right major, it can be very helpful to do free career counseling at our Office of Career & Professional Development.  It is much better to have career counseling early so that you don’t have to change majors and possibly postpone your graduation date. 
  6. Sign Up for a Mentor

    By working closely with a trained, seasoned mentor in a one-on-one weekly meeting, you can learn to study with better results, develop more effective ways of managing time, and practice proven strategies for taking tests. Your mentor will help you keep track of grades and absences, calculate GPA, and monitor your academic progress. Each 15-20 minute meeting with your mentor can target a special area of concern or simply provide supportive conversation with someone who is committed to your success at Baylor.
  7. Go to the Paul L Foster Success Center

    The Paul L Foster Success Center is the one stop shop for success at Baylor.  The Success Center offers free tutoring, special accommodations for those with learning or physical disabilities, Supplemental Instruction, mentoring programs, academic advising, career advice, and so much more!  Stop by in order to help ensure your success.
  8. Get Involved With At Least One Club or Organization 

    Studies show that students who are involved on campus are more likely to be successful. With over 300 clubs and organizations available at Baylor, you are bound to find something that you are interested in!
  9. Meet with Faculty During Their Office Hours

    One of the things that makes Baylor special is our caring faculty and staff who work here.  Take advantage of these scholars and teachers by stopping by to say hello during their office hours.   It is important to get to know the faculty members who teach your classes.  Getting to know your instructors can help you better understand the material, feel more comfortable in class, and build strong relationships so that you can gain recommendations for internships, jobs, or graduate school.
  10. Sic 'Em

    Get out of your apartment and go do something fun!  Whether you want to run The Line in the next football game, go for a run, or head to a coffee shop for some caffeine, it is important to enjoy your time at Baylor!