Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of students live in the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center?

  • The students who live in TYE have transferred from another college or university.  We have students transferring from community colleges, large state universities, and private four year colleges. 75% of our students are brand new Baylor Bears while the other 25% are returning students intentionally choosing to help bring leadership to our living-learning program.  Baylor transfer students are also one of the most diverse populations on campus!  With the variety of students we have in TYE, you are bound to develop some great friendships to help support and encourage you while you are a Baylor student.  

How can I apply to live in the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center?

  • To apply to the TYE-LLC, you will need to have been accepted to Baylor and paid your enrollment deposit.  Your Bear ID (Bobby_Baylor) and password provide access to the Housing Application in your GoBAYLOR account.   Your Housing Application requires that you select your preferences, you will need to choose the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center as your 1st preference.  Once you have selected TYE, you will need to complete a short-answer question telling us why you are interested in living in the TYE community. You will soon find out if you are approved to live in the TYE-LLC.

Am I able to choose my own room and roommate?

  • Students approved for TYE-LLC will have the opportunity to roommate match online starting June 1st.  Students do not choose their own room, but Campus Living & Learning will assign students to apartments based on roommate matches and preference of room types.  Students will receive those room assignments by the middle of June.  You do not have to roommate match in order to receive an assignment in the TYE-LLC.

What is the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center Scholarship?

  • The TYE Scholarship is a scholarship only offered to transfer students who live in the TYE-LLC in order to help offset the costs of living on campus.  This scholarship is $3,000 per year, and is renewable for up to four years.  There are some ongoing requirements in order to maintain this scholarship from year to year. 

What are the requirements to keep the scholarship during the first year?

  • Be an active participant in the TYE Community. (Go to events, get involved, have fun!)
  • Remain in good academic standing (2.5 or higher) at Baylor University
  • Remain in good disciplinary standing at Baylor University
  • Attend Transfer Welcome Week before school begins
  • Complete the Transfer Passport program

How can I be considered for the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center scholarship?

  • All students who are approved to live in the TYE-LLC are automatically considered for the scholarship.  In order to receive the scholarship the student must have submitted the FAFSA and the CSS Profile to Baylor and be financially eligible.

What are the apartments like in the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center?

  • The TYE apartments match what you need as a transfer student.  In TYE you get the privacy of a single bedroom with the care and support a new Baylor student needs. There are three apartment styles to choose from (based on availability).  There is a 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartment, bedroom/ 3 bathroom apartment, and a 4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartment.  Each style has a common living room area, a shared kitchen, and free washer and dryer. Check out the University Parks website for more information on your apartment!

Does the apartment come furnished?

  • Yes, the University Parks Apartment Complex is furnished.  The livingroom comes with a sofa, armchair, coffee table, entertainment stand, and end table.  The kitchen comes with a kitchen table with chairs, full size stove, full size refrigerator, and microwave.  The bedroom comes with a chest of drawers, a size "full" bed and matress.  Each apartment has a free washer a dryer.  It does not come with kitchen supplies, (dishes, silverware, coffee maker, etc), TV, or desk. 

What is the difference between University Parks Apartment Complex and the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center?

  • University Parks Apartment Complex is a Baylor owned apartment complex made up of 11 apartment buildings and 550 people. The Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center is a community of 200 transfer students who choose to intentionally live with one another in one of 5 apartment buildings within the University Parks Apartment Complex.  

How much does it cost to live in the Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center?

  • Costs are dependent upon what type apartment you choose to live in.  You can find out specific costs here. 

Is there a fee to live in the Transfer year Experience?

  • Yes, there is a $85 program fee each semester you live in the TYE.

How is the Transfer Year Experience Fee used?

  • The $85 per semester TYE program fee is used for programs and events for students who live in TYE.  This could include, but is not limited to, community meals, transfer specific programming, educational seminars, traditional events, weekly gatherings, and/or group outings for students living in this community. 

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