Transfer Year Experience Goals

The Transfer Year Experience has seven strategic goals that guide our leadership as we create programming, support, and community in University Parks.

  1. Provide an inclusive environment where all members belong and thrive as they transition to their new home at Baylor University.
  2. Support and encourage one another in academic pursuits and general interests in order to help all students be successful.
  3. Build a significant and lasting identity with Baylor in order to become a true Baylor Bear.
  4. Create spaces, support, and opportunities so students can grow in articulation of their own spiritual life throughout their time in college.
  5. Connect students to a variety of Baylor resources in order to grow in their understanding of and need for a balanced lifestyle.
  6. Promote the involvement in leadership and service opportunities through Baylor and the Waco Community. 
  7. Learn to navigate the Baylor and the Waco Community so that students are more likely to utilize their resources. 

Transfer Student Success

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One Bear Place #97021
Waco, TX 76798

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