Transfer Year Experience Living-Learning Center

Historically, the Transfer Year Experience (TYE) has existed as a living-learning community that provided housing, programming, and scholarships. However, in response to the changing needs of transfer students, the TYE has shifted away from a residential model. Starting in Fall 2022, there will no longer be a living-learning community specifically for transfer students. Transfer Student Success is still committed to providing robust support for transfer students through resources and programming tailored specifically to their current needs.

For transfer students still interested in living on campus, spaces are limited and will be offered as available each semester. More information about options, cost, and availability can be found by reaching out to our Campus Living & Learning department. Typically transfer students will live in either a Living-Learning Center or an Upper-Division Community.  How to apply for on-campus housing as a transfer student can be found here.

For transfer students interested in off-campus housing, we provide various resources to help in your search.  Baylor has a website that offers a Guide to Off-Campus Living. On this site, you can find apartment listings, help find a roommate, and essential things to consider when signing a lease and living off-campus.