Oral History Technology

This page is a companion piece to an article entitled "Brave New World: A Guide to Twenty-First Century Technology for Oral History," published in the 2017 edition of the Sound Historian. The links listed below, organized by section, mostly correspond to the italic text found in the article. Additional or alternative links will be provided over time as technology progresses. The hope is that this page will continue to be updated twice yearly so that recent trends can be fully represented. In general, please consider also consulting the wonderful resource website Oral History in the Digital Age (OHDA) for additional information and discussions on many of these topics. 

Digital Audio Recording

Digital Audio Recorders

Preferred brands: Marantz, Tascam, & Zoom

Entry-level professional recorder - Tascam DR-40x

BUIOH flagship recorder - Marantz PMD661MKIII

OHDA Recorder Selection Tool

How-to guide for setting audio levels

Smartphones as Recorders

Smartphone microphone attachments for iPhone: Zoom iQ6/7Rode IXYL, Shure MOTIV line

Quality smartphone recording applications (iOS): Recorder PlusShurePlus MOTIV, & Voice Record Pro

Quality smartphone recording applications (Android): Recorder Plus, ShurePlus MOTIV, & Voice Recorder Pro

Long Distance Recording


List of iOS call recording apps

List of Android call recording apps

List of telephone audio interfaces

JK Audio QuickTap (landline)

JK Audio CellTap (cellular)

Olympus Telephone Recording Device (for recording cell phone calls externally)


Top Rated Webcams

Screen Recorder for Mac - Quicktime

Screen Recorder for PC - Xbox Game Bar (for Windows 10)

FreeConferenceCall.com - for WAV audio telephone calls or MP4 video conference calls

Skype recording instructions (automatic cloud-based recording now natively available in the app)

Zoom recording instructions (local for all, cloud-based for licensed accounts) 

Facetime recording instructions (uses Quicktime screen recording on Macs)

Ecamm - Mac recording tool for Skype and Facetime calls


OHDA Microphone Selection Tool

Blue line of PC/podcasting microphone options

Digital Preservation

BUIOH cost schedule/time commitment breakdown

Digital File Management

BWF Metaedit

MetaX (Now supported as MetaZ)

Article on File Fixity



Short-Term Digital Storage

Cloud Storage: Box, Dropbox, & Google Drive

Long-Term Digital Storage

Cold Storage: Amazon Glacier & Backblaze

Digital Processing

Audio-Visual Editing Software


Adobe Audition


iZotope RX 7

Windows Movie Maker - As of January 2017 WMM is no longer supported by Microsoft, and therefore no longer available to download. If you do not already have a version installed on your PC, please consult this article for free alternatives.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

Transcription Software

Foot pedals for transcription

FTW Transcriber


Express Scribe

Dragon NaturallySpeaking - Oral History Review blogpost on this topic 


Digital Tools for Access

Websites and Databases




Waco History

PC Magazine's review of web hosting services

Online Content Hosting Options




The Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS)

Information and sign-up site

BUIOH's recent use of OHMS

Social Media





Waco History Facebook account

Waco, Texas History in Pictures Facebook group (requires you to be logged into Facebook)