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1993. Lesley W. Brunet, Editor

Lois E. Myers, "TOHA's First Decade: The Silver and the Gold"
David Stricklin, "A Sound Portrait of Western Swing"
Dan K. Utley, "From the Ground Up: Oral History and Historical Archeology"
Jaclyn L. Jeffrey, "The Waco Tornado of 1953 as Symbol of Modernization and Rite of Initiation"
David J. Murrah,"Cowboys, Treasures, and Chance Meetings: West Texas Ranch Oral History"
Barbara Griffith, "Winners and Losers: Studying the Politics of Oil"

1994. Lesley W. Brunet, Editor

Rebecca Sharpless, "The Southern Majority: Interviews with Rural Texas Women"
Sam Ratcliffe, "Purple Cows and Other Wonders: Interviewing Southern Artists"
Calvin W. Hines, "Recollections of the Battlefront"
Michelle M. Mears, "Medicine on the Blackland Prairie: The Story of Dr. Claudia Potter"
Ty Cashion, "Remembering the 'Big 33'"
Theresa A. Strottman, "Making the Documentary Remembering Los Alamos: World War II"
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1995-1996. Special Focus Issue: World War II
Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Ronald E. Marcello, Introduction
Michael S. Sweeney, "War Correspondent Ernie Pyle's 'Beloved Captain': The Life and Death of Henry Waskow of Belton, Texas, And the Column That Touched America"
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1997-1998. Special Focus: Texas, Texans, and the History of Medicine. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Raleigh R. White IV, M.D., Introduction
Michelle M. Mears and John C. Hale II,"Using Memoirs and Oral History to Commemorate the Centennial of Scott and White Hospital"
Lesley Williams Brunet, "Documenting the White Coat Culture"
Barbara J. Rozek, "Patients, Nurses, Physicians, Volunteers: Texas Children's Hospital History Project"
Mary Lynn Irving, "Texas Women in Military Medicine"
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1997-1998. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Merry Ressler, "Bad Roads and Good Memories: An Oral History of the 'East End,' Delta County Texas, 1918-1940"
Diane L. Ware, "Bittersweet Balance: Oral History and the Company Town of Sugar Land, Texas, In the Segregated South"
Gene B. Preuss, "Within Those Walls: The African American School and Community in Lubbock and New Braunfels, Texas"
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1999. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Rebecca Craver, "Homefront with a Border Twist: El Paso-Juarez During World War II"
Beth Morgan and Jane O'Cain, "Displaced Ranchers of New Mexico: The Taking of the Land for the Defense Effort at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico"
Fred H. Allison, "Patriotic Prosperity and Social Change in World War II: The Impact of Majors Field on Greenville, Texas"
Patrick B. Simpson, "Survival: American Prisoners of War of the Japanese 1941-1945"
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2000. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Charles T. Morrissey, "Stories of Memory, Myth, and Contrivance: The Oral Historian as Skeptic"
Wolfgang Weber, "Come Together Now! Archives and Oral History in the 20th Century Western World"
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2001. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

J. M. Dempsey, "A Juror's Diary: The Jack Ruby Trial as seen by J. Waymon Rose"
Dan K. Utley, "The Children of Thurber"
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2002. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Michelle G. Benavides, "The Implementation of the Chamizal Treaty: The Uprooting and Forced Relocation of Los Chamizales"
Jean A. Boyd, "Oral History as Music History: Joy and Tribulation in the Study of Western Swing"
Francoise Hamlin, "'The Book Hasn't Closed, The Story Is Not Finished': Coahoma County, Mississippi, Civil Rights and The Recovery of a History"
Karen Kossie-Chernyshev, "Reclaiming J. Patterson, Child Star in Grigori Alexandrov's Circus: A Reconstructive History"
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2003. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Gerald D. Saxon. "Tom Charlton Recalls the Founding of the Texas Oral History Association"
Holle Humphries, "The Significance of the Texas Frontier in Shaping the Visual Arts"
Harry P. Jeffrey, "Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfield: The Ultimate Keynesian Liberals"
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2007. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Jennifer Ross-Nazzal, Rebecca Wright, and Sandra L. Johnson, "The Community of the Moonwalkers: How NASA Impacted the Clear Lake Area, 1962-1972"
JoAnn Pospisil, "Selling West Texas Water Resources: Water Mining or Water Rustling?"
Lois E. Myers, "'Like Water to the Body': Women and the African American Rural Church"
Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., "World Neighbors Operations in Honduras: A Case Study in Integrated Agricultural Development"
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2008. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Diane L. Ware, "Thad Sitton Discusses His Personal Journey as an Oral Historian"
James S. Olson, "The Cure for Childhood Leukemia"
Hannah Vaughan, "Deep Eddy Bath House: Preserving a Sense of Place, One Layer at a Time"
Cynthia J. Beeman and Dan K. Utley, "'A Gallant Cause': The Formative Years of Texas Historical Commission"
Michelle M. Mears, "Clarksville: An Austin Freedman's Community"
Deborah Wing-Leonard, "Figs, Flappers, and Fignolias: Working Women of the 1920s Gulf Coast"
Linda C. Henderson and Gerron S. Hite, "From Dust to History: Case Studies in Protecting and Understanding Historic Texas Burial Grounds"
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2009. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Kyle Wilkison, ed. "James H. Conrad: The Making of an Oral Historian: Interview by Gerald Saxon"
Christina A. Wilbur, "Lawless Leaders and a County out of Control: The James Commission and Jefferson County, Texas, 1960"
Tracy Shilcutt, "Soldiers Were Everywhere: Camp Barkley and Abilene, Texas, 1940-1945"
William A. McWhorter, "Now Hear This, Now Hear This!"
Sara R. Massey, "Never Far from the Sea: The Vietnamese of the Texas Gulf Coast"
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2011. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Michelle Mears, "Ron Marcello: His Life and Career in Oral History"
Susie Kelly Flatau, "Texas Women: Their Work, Their Worth: Profiles of Cindy Wiegand, Lou Halsell Rodenberger, and Ruthe Winegarten"
Jennifer Ross-Nazzal, "Pioneering Women of Today: Space Travelers"
Dawn Letson, "Girl Pilots of Avenger Field: Sweetwater's Romance with the WASP of World War II"
Tanya Kraus Randall, "Texas Ranch Women Remember World War II"
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2012. Kenneth E. Hendrickson Jr., Editor

Lois E. Myers, "'This Has Everything to Do with Your Life': Jo Ann Stiles Talks about Oral History"
Ellen Walker Rienstra, "East Texas Lumber Barons: The Lutcher-Stark-Brown Dynasty"
Judith W. Linsley, "Sister, Don't Give Up the Land: The McFaddin Legacy and Legend in South Texas"
Jenny Paul, "Fighting the Nashville Blues: The Outlaw Image in Texas Country Music"
Amy E. Dase and Stephanie Katauskas, "For the Love of Country: The Killeen Base Oral History Project"


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2013. Dan K. Utley, Editor

Kendra K. DeHart, "Jury Hung, Clay Henry Not: Scandal and Judicial Intrigue in Lajitas, Texas"
Bradley W. Poos, "Recollections of Kansas City's Central High School: Using Oral History to Illuminate the African American Students' Experience"
Eric L. Gruver, Hayley Hasik, Austin Bayley, and Kyle Hackney, "Duty, Hope, Brotherhood: Stories from World War II, Home and Abroad"
Scott White, "The O'Neal Brothers, Wes and Boots: Growing Up Cowboy"
Paul E. Binford, "The National Council for the Social Studies 1971 Curriculum Guidelines: The End of the 'Non-Alignment' Policy"
Paul J. P. Sandul, M. Scott Sosebee, and Jake McAdams, "The Charlie Wilson Oral History Project: Origins, Lessons, and Potential"


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2014. Dan K. Utley, Editor

Milton S. Jordan, "Civil Rights and College Journalism: Mark Lett and the 1961 Southwestern University Megaphone"
T. Lindsay Baker, "A Historian's Experiences Discovering the 'Lost' 1930s WPA Oklahoma Slave Narratives"
Austin Baxley and Eric L. Gruver, "Creating an Integrated School: A Divergent Perspective from East Texas"
Hayley Michael Hasik and Eric L. Gruver, "'He Missed, I Didn't': Tears of an American World War II POW"
Jamie A. Ross and Caitlin F. McColl, "Uncovering Austin's Early Struggles with Marriage Equality, 1992-1998: An Oral History Perspective"


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2015. Dan K. Utley, Editor

Heather M. Haley, "Ranch Hands and Orange Clouds: Herbicidal Warfare and Counterinsurgency Doctrine in the Vietnam War"
Travis Ueckert and Eric L. Gruver, "Shooting the Stars: Celestial Navigation, World War II, and Maj. Richard Clement"
Jennifer de Bie, "True Stories: Reflections on a War I Never Knew"
Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, "History, Memory and Perspective: Christia V. Daniels Adair's 1977 Interview with the Black Women Oral History Project"


Book Reviews
In Progress: "Remembering a Forgotten Site from America's Forgotten War: An Oral History Research Guide to the Largest U.S. Helicopter Training Facility, San Marcos Air Force Base, 1951-1953," by Ryan T. Henson


2016. Dan K. Utley, Editor

Christine Reiser Robbins, Mark Robbins, Jennifer L. Eiland, and Christopher Martinez, “The Open-Ended Potential of Oral History Research: The South Texas Hispanic Farm Labor Project
Ann Landeros, "The Battle for Carroll Hall: Preservation Down the Rabbit Hole"
Patrick Cox, "Kenneth E. Hendrickson, Jr.: An Influential Life and Career in Oral History"
Lindsey Waldenburg, Savanha Esquivel, and Maximillian Hall, "Giving Voice to Landmarks: Using Oral History to Document Official Texas Historical Markers”

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