W. Stewart Caffey Award for Excellence for Precollegiate Teaching

In 1999 the Texas Oral History Association initiated an award named in honor of longtime educator W. Stewart Caffey to bring recognition to an elementary or secondary classroom teacher who led students in a research project involving oral history methods in an exemplary way.


  • The teacher has successfully implemented oral history methodologies in the classroom and/or used oral history in print or documentary format to enhance learning.
  • The teacher's work is a model for the use of oral history in educational settings.
  • The project reflects use of appropriate standards for oral history interviewing, including provisions for preserving recordings and transcripts.
  • The project includes outreach to the community.


Teachers may submit their projects to TOHA for consideration and nominations may be accepted from school administrators, students, colleagues, or community members. TOHA members are encouraged to submit nominations. Teachers are not required to be members of TOHA. To nominate a teacher for the TOHA award, complete the Teaching Award Nomination Form and return it with the required attachments to TOHA headquarters by December 31. Nominations will be distributed for evaluation to a TOHA Awards Committee appointed by the TOHA President. Committee members must be TOHA members but do not have to be TOHA Board members. The Awards Committee may develop an interview procedure to receive adequate information to evaluate a project. The Awards Committee will present award candidates to the TOHA Board of Directors for approval. No limits exist on the number of awards presented within a year.


The award-winning teacher receives an award certificate in a presentation folder or engraved on a plaque and a one-year membership in TOHA. Whenever possible, the award will be presented in a school or community setting by a TOHA member living in the region of the award winner. When required, a TOHA member may travel to the site of the presentation and receive reasonable travel mileage reimbursement from TOHA. TOHA will announce the award in its newsletter and website. The Awards Committee will provide information on the award to appropriate local media and/or other historical and educational associations.