How to Join TOHA

Membership in TOHA is open to all individuals--amateur and professional, academic and avocational, students and retired alike--as well as all institutions, agencies, and organizations interested in oral history research.

Membership Benefits

  • SOUND HISTORIAN: THE JOURNAL OF THE TEXAS ORAL HISTORY ASSOCIATION, our peer-reviewed annual journal, provides an array of representative scholarship applying oral history methodology to diverse topics.
  • Our ANNUAL CONFERENCE showcases oral history research in Texas with a full-day slate of presentations.
  • Frequent TOHA NEWS UPDATES report the activities and projects of members, announce upcoming conferences and publications of interest, and explores current trends in the use of oral history methods.
  • Our annual PROGRAM MEETING, held each spring in conjunction with the Texas State Historical Association, provides a forum for some of the state's finest oral history scholarship on Texas history and culture.
  • Our annual DIRECTORY enables members to keep in contact with other members who share common interests and concerns for professional oral history practice.

Annual Dues

The membership year begins anew each January. Sponsoring members donate support to the TOHA journal, Sound Historian, over and above their membership dues. Sponsors and donors are acknowledged in the journal.

• Student: $5.00
• Individual: $ 15.00
• Individual Sponsor: $ 30.00
• Institutional: $30.00
• Institutional Sponsor: $100.00
• Lifetime Membership: $500.00