Workshops and Programs

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Healthy Relationships

Length: 60-90 minutes

Escalation is a film that takes participants through an abusive relationship from beginning to end. This presentation will help viewers understand/recognize early signs of an unhealthy relationship and abuse. The video is then followed by a discussion with participants.

Behind the Post

Length: 45-60 minutes

Billions of photos are posted to social media daily, but you can’t always see the big picture through the small ones, especially regarding unhealthy relationships. Participants will watch a short 10-minute video taking you through a couple's relationship and looking at how social media influences couples and our decisions to stay in unhealthy relationships.

Bystander Intervention 101

Length: 45-50 minutes

Learning Objectives for this training include:

1. Understand the history of bystander intervention and its importance today
2. Determine appropriate bystander intervention strategies to use in a variety of scenarios
3. Reenact bystander intervention situations

Responsible Employee

Length: 45-60 minutes

Participants will learn how to be a responsible employee at Baylor University. This training includes understanding the prohibited conducts, knowledge surrounding Senate Bill 212, reporting to the Equity Office, and being supportive.

Responsible Student Employee

Length: 45-60 minutes

Participants will learn how to be a responsible student-employee at Baylor University. This training includes an understanding of TIX law, prohibited conduct, how to report to the Equity Office, and how to respond to disclosure.

Title IX at Baylor University for Students

Length: 45-60 minutes

Participants will learn the Baylor Title IX policy, how to report, what resources are offered, and their options.

What is Adaptable Resolution? Exploring Resolution Options

Length: 20-30 minutes

Participants will learn about options available under the Civil Rights and Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct (SIM) policies, focusing particularly on the Adaptable Resolution process.

Customized Training

Upon request, Equity Office Staff can design and facilitate a workshop customized to meet the needs of the participants. Themes of education can include but are not limited to sexual misconduct and violence awareness, bystander intervention, consent, and boundary recognition. Please be aware training must be requested one week prior to the event date.


Title IX

Baylor University does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in any of its education or employment programs and activities, and it does not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex or gender.

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