Program Elements


Students in the TIE3s doctoral program undertake rigorous interdisciplinary coursework and training that immerse students in the problems, the language, perspective, and skills of multiple scientific disciplines. These experiences stimulate perspective that leads to novel research objectives. Transformative research that transcends disciplinary and departmental boundaries is the defining element of TIE3s graduate training.


Coursework is selected by the student and dissertation advisory committee. The course plan is customized to cultivate a deep understanding in the area of specialized research as well as a broad knowledge of multiple disciplines. Students take at least thirty hours of graduate-level coursework beyond the bachelor’s degree from courses offered by the departments of biology, geosciences, chemistry & biochemistry, environmental sciences, and statistics.


Students in the TIE3s program are generously supported by the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Baylor. Financial support for students includes:

  • Full tuition waiver.
  • Research fellowships providing a living stipend for three years at levels exceeding the national average for research universities with stipend enhancements available to highly qualified applicants.
  • Teaching assistantships through the department of the supervising faculty fellows.
  • Health insurance subsidized at a rate of 80%.


Students can select dissertation advisors from among Baylor TIE3s faculty fellows, and collaborating research partners who are experts in the area of the student’s dissertation research. TIE3s fellows are committed to mentoring students throughout their program—from the design of the research through to publication of their findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


TIE3s is founded upon collaboration between faculty fellows, doctoral students, and research partners. Co-mentoring is common among faculty fellows and students often publish with multiple co-authors including other students as well as faculty. Research Partners provide specialized knowledge and advice from experience.

Professional Development

TIE3s students have many opportunities for professional development. Travel awards are made available for students to present their research and build their professional network at meetings and conferences. There are multiple opportunities each week to attend research seminars by invited speakers, workshops offered by Baylor's Academy of Teaching and Learning, teaching capstone for higher education (TeaCHE), grant proposal writing courses (GE5V90; CHE5260), grant writing workshops, outreach training and outreach programs, job search training and mock interviews for academic careers and for non-academic careers, and many more formal opportunities provided by the graduate school in addition to the personalized development activities planned with faculty mentors.