Outreach is a cornerstone of TIE3s' mission and is accomplished by sharing our knowledge from interdisciplinary research and education among professionals, decision makers, students, teachers and the general public. TIE3s students and fellows have access to outstanding university resources for public outreach:

The Mayborn Museum

The Mayborn Museum is a vibrant, dynamic, fully-staffed public museum located on Baylor’s campus that combines a natural history museum wing, a historic village, a children’s museum wing, a museum studies program, and a strong partnership between the city, university, foundation, and National Park Service.

Portal to the Public

Portal to the Public is a network of over 60 science education institutions that seek to bring scientists and public audiences together to promote appreciation and understanding of current scientific research and its application.

Marsh Madness

The popular Marsh Madness wetland program is a joint project of Baylor University's Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research (CRASR) and the City of Waco.

The Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC)

The Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative is a resource for promoting careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The facility is designed with broad corridors and glass-walled laboratories that afford tour groups of K-12 students, teachers and other visitors an unrivaled opportunity to witness for themselves the normally sequestered process of research.

Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Activities (URSA)

The Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Activities (URSA) program provides opportunities for TIE3s graduate students to serve as mentors to undergraduate research assistants.

The Learning Experience (LEx) Laboratory

The Learning Experience (LEx) Laboratory – is a 6,000 square foot research facility for the study of innovative classroom designs, technologies, and pedagogies, located at the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative. LEx was created through a partnership with Texas Region 12 Education Service Center and the Hukabee architecture and design firm.

Aquatic Sciences Webinar Series

Aquatic Sciences Webinar Series – places TIE3s faculty and graduate student research in classrooms across the nation using a videoconferencing services with a live moderator. K-12 teachers and students can ask questions and see science happening in Baylor’s laboratories in real-time during their class period without leaving their school. Our videos are archived by Texas STEM connections.

Extension to Professionals

TIE3s outreach efforts also include participation in workshops for local water districts, training days with agencies such as the United States Geological Survey, Science Academies for local K-12 teachers and field trips for the National Judicial College

Baylor Missions

Baylor Missions – collaborates with faculty and students across campus along with global partners to organize intentional opportunities to integrate education and faith by using skills and expertise to serve communities of need in Waco and abroad.