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TIE3S Fellows

TIE3S Fellows are made up of faculty members from various departments who are recognized for their interdisciplinary approach to environmental systems science. All have a publication and research record of collaboration and are available to mentor students in the PhD Program. Interested students are welcome and encouraged to contact individual faculty members when considering applying to this unique graduate program.


Robert D. Doyle Wetland ecology, invasion biology
Kevin J. Gutzwiller Landscape ecology, statistical modeling
Ryan S. King Aquatic community ecology, upper trophic levels
Thad Scott Limnology, harmful algal blooms, biogeochemistry, lake modeling
Joseph D. White Ecosystem ecology and modeling, remote sensing
Kenneth T. Wilkins

Mammalian ecology

Environmental Science

Susan P. Bratton Plant conservation, biodiversity, ethics
Bryan W. Brooks Aquatic environmental toxicology
Erica D. Bruce Environmental toxicology, human health risk assessment, quantitative structure-activity relationships
George P. Cobb Environmental analytical chemistry
Cole W. Matson Environmental and evolutionary toxicology
Rebecca Sheesley Atmospheric aerosol chemistry, air quality, climate change
Sascha Usenko Analytical and environmental chemistry


Samuel Cushman
(Missoula, MT)
Landscape ecology, forest ecosystems, wildlife biology

Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Kuehl Geophysical fluid dynamics, boundary layer stability


Peter M. Allen Surface water hydrology, environmental geology
Stacy Atchley Depositional systems, sequence stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental reconstruction
Steven G. Driese Paleosols and weathering processes, paleoclimatology
John A. Dunbar Reservoir sedimentation, geophysics
Stephen I. Dworkin Environmental and isotope geochemistry, water quality
William Hockaday Biogeochemistry, Organic geochemistry
Scott C. James Renewable energy (Algal biofuels; Marine renewable energy; Enhanced oil recovery). Reactive flow and transport modeling in porous media. Surface water flow, sediment dynamics, and water-quality modeling.
Joe C. Yelderman Hydrogeology, waste water systems


C. Kevin Chambliss

Separations, remediation, and analysis

Center for Spatial Research

Bruce W. Byars Hydrologic modeling, hydrometeorology


Sara E. Alexander Human resilience/climate change, livelihood security/vulnerability
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