David Garland Statement on Reagan Ramsower

November 4, 2016
Nothing is more important at Baylor University than providing a safe and caring community for our students. We have a renewed focus on our Christian mission and made a number of personnel and policy changes to help ensure this is the case.

In recent days, the media have reported claims made by our former Title IX Coordinator against Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Reagan Ramsower. These stories have included the sensational claim that Reagan referred to sexual assault victims at Baylor as "mentally ill."

If I believed for one second the accuracy of these reports, Reagan would no longer be a member of my Administration. I know Reagan well. We have worked together closely in a variety of roles for more than eight years. He has denied ever using that term in a derogatory fashion. And I believe him.

Reagan has a profound sense of respect for anyone struggling with mental illness. His own family has been impacted by this important issue--his twin brothers have struggled significantly with a range of neurological and mental health concerns since birth.

William "Matt" Ramsower and Joseph "Marty Jo" Ramsower were born on April 23, 1960 with blindness and significant disabilities associated with developmental delay and autism. They have been institutionalized since 1973. Reagan is their legal guardian.

It saddens all of us in the Baylor family that the lives of so many victims of sexual assault have been traumatically impacted. It also is shocking to us that the university leader who has shown tremendous commitment to continuous improvement in our responses to sexual violence and our sensitivity to the care of rape victims is being so vilified.

I am deeply disappointed that the media continue to spread misinformation based on the unsubstantiated claims of a disgruntled former employee.
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