Using BaylorConnect

Will finish this section after access is available

Using the Event Pass

To add ease to the attendance taking process, the BaylorConnect app generates each student their own unique Event Pass that can be used to obtain attendance credit at each event. This Event Pass will serve as a virtual StudentID to use while attending CAE’s.

To access your Event Pass on your phone, students will need to download the campuslabs app…. Will finish this section after I learn how to do this myself ��

After the event has concluded, students will scan their Event Pass with a designated faculty member. Similar in style to swiping for chapel credit, only one Event Pass will be scanned per student.

In the case that a student does not have access to a smartphone, a student ID will be swiped for credit. Please allow 3-5 business days for BaylorConnect and your degree audit to reflect your attendance at each event.