Attending a CAE

A list of current CAE’s can be found here. Be sure to double check that the event you are attending is approved for CAE credit.

While attending each event, it is important to be physically and mentally present to maximize the Cultural Arts Experience for yourself and your peers. It is suggested to show up a few minutes early to each event. Late arrivals may be turned away and will not receive credit for the CAE.

During the event, be respectful to the exhibit, presentation, or performance by refraining from the use of electronics and smart devices including, but not limited to: phones, smartwatches, headphones, earbuds, tablets, and computers. Unless stated otherwise, no food or drink will be permitted at any event.

If at any time during an event a student is found being inattentive or disruptive, they may be asked by an event sponsor to leave without receiving credit for the event.

At the end of each event, you will be asked by an event sponsor for your EventPass (found on the BaylorConnect app) to be scanned for credit. Be sure your EventPass is easily accessible during this time. Alternatively, students may bring a printed copy of their EventPass to be scanned for event credit.