University Requirement

As a student, you are encouraged to attend as many fine arts events on campus. The goal of the Cultural Arts Experience is to encourage students to get involved with the fine arts community on campus in hopes to inspire a deeper engagement with the fine arts as a student exits college. As stated by the College and Arts and Science registrar’s office:

Students are required to attend twelve approved Cultural Arts Experiences with at least two events from each of the following categories: Art, Film, Music, Theatre, and Literature/World Cultures. Students can receive credit for up to four events per year for at least three years to achieve the twelve event credits required for graduation. Students entering Baylor with 30 hours will receive two event credits. Students entering Baylor with 60 hours will receive six event credits.

Keeping that in mind, you have the choice of attending any of the offered CAE events, as long as you fulfill the requirement. To keep track of attended events, a status bar will be provided on your BaylorConnect account. Additionally, progress of CAE credit will be reflected on your degree audit found within BearWeb.

Honor Code Policy

The CAE program is designed for be a fun and enriching experience for each individual student. Any attempt to obtain CAE credit through dishonest means will result in violating offenders being referred to the Office of Academic Integrity.