CAE For Faculty

The Cultural Art Experience requirement was originally created to replace other fine arts requirements; the term “cultural” was added to encompass related performance and exhibition arts which may or may not be referred to as “fine arts”, depending on context, such as dance, popular music or film, architectural art, etc. In every case, the fine arts expertise of faculty or guest artists should be integral to the event.

Before proposing an event for the CAE program, it is recommended that faculty and staff members review the objectives and criteria for the Cultural Arts Experience Program.

The objectives of the Cultural Arts Experience Program are to:
  1. Expose students to a wide variety of fine arts and cultural events on the Baylor campus and with Baylor-sponsored programs.
  2. Allow for maturation and growth in a student’s reception, interpretation, and appreciation of the fine arts and cultural events over an extended period of time.
  3. Foster cultural literacy, critical thinking, interpretive analysis, acceptable social interaction, human empathy, and patronage of the arts

Though the primary focus of the CAE is fine arts experiences created at Baylor, exceptions could include off-campus events such as those in a Baylor Study Abroad program.

Examples of Baylor-sponsored CAE’s include:
  • Fine Art produced at Baylor by Baylor faculty or guest artists:
    • Art exhibitions
    • Theatre performances
    • Concerts
    • Recitals
    • Operas
    • Musical reviews
    • Dance performances
    • Film screenings
    • Fiction and poetry readings
  • Lectures about important literary/artistic works
  • Lectures by or about important writers or artists
  • Lectures about important world cultural events
  • Events not produced by Baylor but accompanied by lectures and/or facilitated discussions by Baylor faculty.
The following events are not generally eligible for the CAE Program:
  • Non-Baylor events
  • Off-campus events not sponsored by the University
  • General release films with no accompanying faculty/guest artist instruction
  • Events whose purpose is primarily political
  • Church/Religious activities that are not accompanied by cultural/academic instruction
  • Presentations which are primarily STEM focused without substantive exploration of humanitarian, cultural and/or artistic perspectives
  • Events whose purpose is deemed by the CAE Committee as primarily social in nature and with little intentional academic, cultural or artistic content
  • Traditional student activities such as SING, Diadeloso, Steppin Out, Homecoming events, etc.